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Bug 1562789 - SmallPointerArray should support moves, and have an IsEmpty() helper. r=froydnj This also implicitly deletes its copy-assignment operator and copy-constructor, which is great since it's a huge footgun. Differential Revision:

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#ifndef mozilla_PlatformMutex_h
#define mozilla_PlatformMutex_h

#include "mozilla/Atomics.h"
#include "mozilla/Attributes.h"
#include "mozilla/Move.h"
#include "mozilla/RecordReplay.h"

#if !defined(XP_WIN)
#  include <pthread.h>

namespace mozilla {

namespace detail {

class ConditionVariableImpl;

class MutexImpl {
  struct PlatformData;

  explicit MFBT_API MutexImpl(
      recordreplay::Behavior aRecorded = recordreplay::Behavior::Preserve);
  MFBT_API ~MutexImpl();

  MFBT_API void lock();
  MFBT_API void unlock();
  // We have a separate, forwarding API so internal uses don't have to go
  // through the PLT.
  MFBT_API bool tryLock();

  MutexImpl(const MutexImpl&) = delete;
  void operator=(const MutexImpl&) = delete;
  MutexImpl(MutexImpl&&) = delete;
  void operator=(MutexImpl&&) = delete;
  bool operator==(const MutexImpl& rhs) = delete;

  void mutexLock();
  bool mutexTryLock();

  PlatformData* platformData();

#if !defined(XP_WIN)
  void* platformData_[sizeof(pthread_mutex_t) / sizeof(void*)];
  static_assert(sizeof(pthread_mutex_t) / sizeof(void*) != 0 &&
                    sizeof(pthread_mutex_t) % sizeof(void*) == 0,
                "pthread_mutex_t must have pointer alignment");
#  ifdef XP_DARWIN
  // Moving average of the number of spins it takes to acquire the mutex if we
  // have to wait. May be accessed by multiple threads concurrently. Getting the
  // latest value is not essential hence relaxed memory ordering is sufficient.
  mozilla::Atomic<int32_t, mozilla::MemoryOrdering::Relaxed,
#  endif
  void* platformData_[6];

  friend class mozilla::detail::ConditionVariableImpl;

}  // namespace detail

}  // namespace mozilla

#endif  // mozilla_PlatformMutex_h