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Bug 1527325 - Don't re-export contents of WR API units r=gw The cleans up our WR use statements further, easying the merge conflicts. Note: this PR is subject to instant rot, it is preferred to land quickly. Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D23373

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#ifndef mozilla_HalInternal_h
#define mozilla_HalInternal_h 1

 * This file is included by HalImpl.h and HalSandbox.h with a mechanism similar
 * to Hal.h. That means those headers set MOZ_HAL_NAMESPACE to specify in which
 * namespace the internal functions should appear.
 * The difference between Hal.h and HalInternal.h is that methods declared in
 * HalInternal.h don't appear in the hal namespace. That also means this file
 * should not be included except by HalImpl.h and HalSandbox.h.

#  error "You shouldn't directly include HalInternal.h!"

namespace mozilla {

 * Enables battery notifications from the backend.
void EnableBatteryNotifications();

 * Disables battery notifications from the backend.
void DisableBatteryNotifications();

 * Enables network notifications from the backend.
void EnableNetworkNotifications();

 * Disables network notifications from the backend.
void DisableNetworkNotifications();

 * Enables screen orientation notifications from the backend.
void EnableScreenConfigurationNotifications();

 * Disables screen orientation notifications from the backend.
void DisableScreenConfigurationNotifications();

 * Has the child-side HAL IPC object been destroyed?  If so, you shouldn't send
 * messages to hal_sandbox.
bool HalChildDestroyed();
}  // namespace MOZ_HAL_NAMESPACE
}  // namespace mozilla

#endif  // mozilla_HalInternal_h