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#ifndef ion_arm_MoveEmitter_arm_h
#define ion_arm_MoveEmitter_arm_h

#include "ion/MoveResolver.h"
#include "ion/IonMacroAssembler.h"

namespace js {
namespace ion {

class CodeGenerator;

class MoveEmitterARM
    typedef MoveResolver::Move Move;
    typedef MoveResolver::MoveOperand MoveOperand;

    bool inCycle_;
    MacroAssemblerARMCompat &masm;

    // Original stack push value.
    uint32_t pushedAtStart_;

    // These store stack offsets to spill locations, snapshotting
    // codegen->framePushed_ at the time they were allocated. They are -1 if no
    // stack space has been allocated for that particular spill.
    int32_t pushedAtCycle_;
    int32_t pushedAtSpill_;
    int32_t pushedAtDoubleSpill_;

    // These are registers that are available for temporary use. They may be
    // assigned InvalidReg. If no corresponding spill space has been assigned,
    // then these registers do not need to be spilled.
    Register spilledReg_;
    FloatRegister spilledFloatReg_;

    void assertDone();
    Register tempReg();
    FloatRegister tempFloatReg();
    Operand cycleSlot() const;
    Operand spillSlot() const;
    Operand doubleSpillSlot() const;
    Operand toOperand(const MoveOperand &operand, bool isFloat) const;

    void emitMove(const MoveOperand &from, const MoveOperand &to);
    void emitDoubleMove(const MoveOperand &from, const MoveOperand &to);
    void breakCycle(const MoveOperand &from, const MoveOperand &to, Move::Kind kind);
    void completeCycle(const MoveOperand &from, const MoveOperand &to, Move::Kind kind);
    void emit(const Move &move);

    MoveEmitterARM(MacroAssemblerARMCompat &masm);
    void emit(const MoveResolver &moves);
    void finish();

typedef MoveEmitterARM MoveEmitter;

} // namespace ion
} // namespace js

#endif /* ion_arm_MoveEmitter_arm_h */