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Followup to bug 1225005 to adjust assertion expectations for android r=me a=me CLOSED TREE MozReview-Commit-ID: KEMYMak6ZsF MozReview-Commit-ID: 6Cpqku0vonY

load 25888-1.html
load 25888-2.html
load 37757-1.html
load 225868-1.html
load 255468.xhtml
load 255982-1.html
load 255982-2.html
load 255982-3.html
load 255982-4.html
load 264937-1.html
load 265867-1.html
load 265867-2.html
load 286491.html
load 289864-1.html
load 295292-1.html
load 295292-2.html
load 302260-1.html
load 307979-1.html
load 309322-1.html
load 309322-2.html
load 309322-3.html
load 309322-4.html
load 310556-1.xhtml
load 321224.xul
load 322780-1.xul
load 323381-1.html
load 323381-2.html
asserts-if(gtkWidget,1) asserts-if(Android&&asyncPan,1) load 323386-1.html # Bug 718883
load 323389-1.html
load 323389-2.html
load 323493-1.html
load 323495-1.html
load 324318-1.html
load 328946-1.html
load 331284-1.xhtml
load 331292.html
load 334105-1.xhtml
load 334107-1.xhtml
load 334147-1.xhtml
load 334148-1.xhtml
load 334602-1.html
load 337412-1.html
load 337883-1.html
load 337883-2.html
load 339769-1.html
load 342322-1.html
load 343206-1.xhtml
load 344557-1.html
load 345139-1.xhtml
load 345617-1.html
load 348510-1.html
load 348510-2.html
load 348887-1.html
load 348991-1.xhtml
load 350370.html
load 354458-1.html
load 354458-2.html
load 355426-1.html
load 359371-1.html
load 359371-2.html
load 360599.html
load 363448.html
load 363722-1.html
load 363722-2.html
load 363848-1.xhtml
load 364220.html
load 364407-1.html
load 364686-1.xhtml
load 366021-1.xhtml
load 366667-1.html
load 366952-1.html
load 367246-1.html
load 367360.html
load 368330-1.html
load 368461-1.xhtml
load 368568.html
load 368752.html
load 368860-1.html
load 368863-1.html
load 369038-1.xhtml
load 369150-1.html
load 369150-2.html
load 369227-1.xhtml
load 369542-1.html
load 369542-2.html
load 369547-1.html
load 370174-1.html
load 370174-2.html
load 370174-3.html
load 370174-4.html
load 370699-1.html
load 370794-1.html
load 370866-1.xhtml
load 370884-1.xhtml
load 371348-1.xhtml
load 371561-1.html
load 371566-1.xhtml
load 372376-1.xhtml
load 373859-1.html
load 373868-1.xhtml
load 374090.html
load 374420.xhtml
load 375462-1.html
load 375831.html
load 376419.html
load 377522.html
load 379217-1.xhtml
load 379217-2.xhtml
load 379917-1.xhtml
load 380012-1.html
load 381152-1.html
load 381786-1.html
load 382129-1.xhtml
load 382131-1.html
load 382199-1.html
load 382208-1.xhtml
load 382262-1.html
load 382396-1.xhtml
load 382745-1.xhtml
load 383089-1.html
load 385265-1.xhtml
load 385295-1.xhtml
load 385344-1.html
load 385344-2.html
load 385414-1.html
load 385414-2.html
load 385426-1.html
load 385526.html
load 385681.html
load 385885-1.xul
load 386799-1.html
load 386807-1.html
load 386812-1.html
load 386827-1.html
load 387058-1.html
load 387058-2.html
load 387088-1.html
load 387209-1.html
load 387213-1.html
load 387215-1.xhtml
load 387219-1.xhtml
load 387233-1.html
load 387233-2.html
load 387282-1.html
load 388175-1.html
load 388367-1.html
load 388709-1.html
load 389635-1.html
load 390050-1.html
load 390050-2.html
load 390050-3.html
load 390762-1.html
load 391053-1.xhtml
load 391894-1.html
load 392698-1.html
load 393758-1.xhtml
load 393906-1.html
load 393923-1.html
load 393956-1.html
load 393956-2.html
load 393956-3.html
load 393956-4.html
load 394237-1.html
load 394818-1.html
load 394818-2.html
load 394820-1.html
load 395316-1.html
load 395450-1.xhtml
load 397007-1.html
load 397187-1.html
load 397844-1.xhtml
load 397844-2.xhtml
load 397852-1.xhtml
load 398181-1.html
load 398181-2.html
load 398322-1.html
load 398322-2.html
load 398332-1.html
load 398332-2.html
asserts(0-2) load 398332-3.html # bug 436123 and bug 457397
load 399407-1.xhtml
load 399412-1.html
load 399843-1.html
load 400078-1.html
load 400190.html
load 400223-1.html
load 400232-1.html
load 400244-1.html
load 400768-1.xhtml
load 400768-2.xhtml
load 401042-1.xhtml
load 402380-1.html
load 402380-2.html
load 402872-1.html
load 402872-2.html
load 403004.html
load 403143-1.html
load 403576-1.html
load 404140-1.html
load 404146-1.html
load 404204-1.html
load 404215-1.html
load 404215-2.html
load 404215-3.html
load 404219-1.html
load 404219-2.html
load 406137.html
load 406380.html
load 406902-1.html
load 407009-1.xhtml
load 408304-1.xhtml
load 408602-1.html
load 408737-1.html
load 408737-2.html
load 408749-1.xhtml
load 408883-1.html
load 410198.html
load 410228-1.html
load 410232-1.html
load 410595-1.html
load 411213-1.html
load 411213-2.xml
load 411835.html
load 411851-1.html
load 412014-1.html
load 412201-1.xhtml
load 412543-1.html
load 413048-1.html
load 413079-1.xhtml
load 413079-2.xhtml
load 413079-3.xhtml
load 413085-1.html
load 413085-2.html
load 413582-1.xhtml
load 413582-2.html
load 413712-1.xhtml
load 414061-1.html
load 414180-1.xul
load 414719-1.html
load 415685-1.html
load 416165.html
load 416264-1.html
load 416476-1.html
load 417109-1.xhtml
load 417848-1.xhtml
load 417902-1.html
load 417902-2.html
load 418532-1.html
load 418932-1.html
load 419352.html
load 420000-1.html
load 420718.html
load 420785-1.xhtml
load 421404-1.html
load 421671.html
load 422283-1.html
load 422301-1.html
load 423055-1.html
load 423098.html
load 423264-1.html
load 424629.html
load 425253-1.html
load 426040-1.html
load 426272-1.html
load 428263-1.html
load 429458.xhtml
load 429960-1.html
load 429960-2.html
load 429969-1.html
load 429981-1.html
load 430332-1.html
load 430344-1.html
load 430352-1.html
load 430744-1.html
load 430991.html
load 431260-1.html
load 431260-2.html
load 435529.html
load 436194-1.html
load 436602-1.html
load 436822-1.html
load 436823.html
load 436969-1.html
load 437156-1.html
load 437565-1.xhtml
load 437565-2.xhtml
load 437565-3.xhtml
load 438259-1.html
load 438266-1.html
skip load 438509-1.html # bug 511234
load 442860-1.xul
load 443528-1.html
load 444230-1.html
load 444484-1.html
load 444726-1.xhtml
load 444861-1.html
load 445288.html
load 448903-1.html
load 448996-1.html
load 451315-1.html
load 451317-1.html
load 451334-1.html
load 452157-1.html
load 452157-2.html
load 452157-3.html
load 453762-1.html
load 455171-1.html
load 455171-2.html
load 455171-3.html
load 455643-1.xhtml
load 457375.html
load 457380-1.html
asserts-if(!Android,4) load 459968.html # bug 1067022
load 460910-1.xml
load 461294-1.html
load 462968.xhtml
load 463350-1.html
load 463350-2.html
load 463350-3.html
load 463741-1.html
load 463785.xhtml
load 465651-1.html
load 467137-1.html
load 467213-1.html
load 467487-1.html
load 467493-1.html
load 467493-2.html
load 467875-1.xhtml
load 467914-1.html
load 468207-1.html
load 468771-1.xhtml
load 468771-2.xhtml
load 469859-1.xhtml
load 472587-1.xhtml
load 472617-1.xhtml
load 472774-1.html
load 472776-1.html
load 472950-1.html
load 472957.xhtml
load 473278-1.xhtml
load 473894-1.html
load 476241-1.html
load 477731-1.html
load 477928.html
load 478131-1.html
load 478170-1.html
load 478185-1.html
asserts-if(!Android,0-1) load 479938-1.html # Bug 575011
load 480345-1.html
load 481921.html
load 489462-1.html
load 489477.html
load 489480-1.xhtml
load 493111-1.html
load 493118-1.html
load 493649.html
load 494283-1.xhtml
load 494283-2.html
load 494300-1.xul
load 494332-1.html
load 495875-1.html
load 495875-2.html
load 496742.html
load 499138.html
load 499857-1.html
load 499862-1.html
asserts(0-3) load 499885-1.xhtml # Bug 1220265
load 501535-1.html
load 503961-1.xhtml
load 503961-2.html
load 505912-1.html
load 508154-1.xhtml
load 508168-1.html
load 508816-1.xul
load 508908-1.html
load 509749-1.html
load 511482.html
load 512724-1.html
load 512725-1.html
load 512749-1.html
load 513110-1.html
load 513110-2.xhtml
load 513394-1.html
load 514098-1.xhtml
load 514800-1.html
load 515811-1.html
load 517968.html
load 519031.xhtml
load 520340.html
load 522170-1.html
load 526217.html
load 533379-1.html
load 533379-2.html
load 534082-1.html
load 534366-1.html
load 534366-2.html
load 536692-1.xhtml
load 537645.xhtml
load 541277-1.html
load 541277-2.html
load 541714-1.html
load 541714-2.html
load 542136-1.html
load 545571-1.html
load 547338.xul
load 547843-1.xhtml
load 551635-1.html
load 553504-1.xhtml
load 564368-1.xhtml
load 564968.xhtml
load 569193-1.html
load 570160.html
load 570289-1.html
load 571618-1.svg
asserts(1) load 571975-1.html # bug 574889
load 571995.xhtml
load 574958.xhtml
asserts(0-4) load 578977.html # bug 757305
load 580504-1.xhtml
load 585598-1.xhtml
load 586806-1.html
load 586806-2.html
load 586806-3.html
load 586973-1.html
load 589002-1.html
load 590404.html
load 591141.html
load 592118.html
load 594808-1.html
load 595435-1.xhtml
load 595740-1.html
load 597240-1.xhtml
pref(layout.float-fragments-inside-column.enabled,true) load 600100.xhtml
pref(layout.float-fragments-inside-column.enabled,false) load 600100.xhtml
load 603490-1.html
load 603510-1.html
load 604314-1.html
load 604843.html
load 605340.html
load 606642.xhtml
load 613455-1.svg
load 613629-1.xhtml
load 616052-1.html
load 619021.html
load 621424-1.html
load 621841-1.html
load 622596.html
load 641724.html
load 645072-1.html
load 645072-2.html
load 646561-1.html
load 646983-1.html
load 647332-1.html
load 650499-1.html
load 654002-1.html
load 654002-2.html
load 655462-1.html
load 656130-1.html
load 656130-2.html
load 660416.html
load 665853.html
load 667025.html
load 673770.html
load 679933-1.html
load 681489-1.html
load 682649-1.html
load 683702-1.xhtml
load 683712.html
load 688996-1.html
load 688996-2.html
load 691210.html
load 700031.xhtml
load 718516.html
load 723108.html
load 724235.html
load 724978.xhtml
skip-if(Android&&isDebugBuild) load 730559.html # bug 1245634 - slow
load 734777.html
load 737313-1.html
load 737313-2.html
load 737313-3.html
test-pref(font.size.inflation.emPerLine,15) load 740199-1.xhtml
load 747688.html
load 750066.html
load 762764-1.html
load 762902.html
load 765409.html
asserts(0-200) load 765621.html # bug 703550
asserts(0-200) load 767765.html # bug 407550, bug 871758, and various nscoord_MAX related asserts
load 769120.html
asserts(0-2) load 769303-1.html # bug 1123979
load 769303-2.html
load 777838.html
load 783228.html
load 784600.html
load 785555.html
load 786740-1.html
load 790260-1.html
asserts(1) test-pref(font.size.inflation.emPerLine,15) load 791601.xhtml # Bug 871327
test-pref(font.size.inflation.minTwips,120) load 794693.html
asserts-if(!Android,4) load 798020-1.html
load 798235-1.html
load 799207-1.html
load 799207-2.html
load 801268-1.html
load 804089-1.xhtml
load 807565-1.html
load 807565-2.html
load 810303.html
load 810726.html
load 812822-1.html
load 812879-1.html
load 812879-2.html
load 812893.html
load 814995.html
load 822910.xhtml
load 824297-1.html
load 825810-1.html
load 825810-2.html
load 826483-1.html
load 826532-1.html
load 827076.html
load 827168-1.html
load 836895.html
load 837007.xhtml
load 840787.html
load 840818.html
load 842132-1.html
load 842166.html
load 844529-1.html
load 847130.xhtml
load 847208.html
asserts-if(Android,2) asserts-if(Android&&asyncPan,4) asserts-if(!Android,4) load 847209.html # bug 847368
load 847211-1.html
load 849603.html
asserts(0-12) load 850931.html # bug 569193
load 851396-1.html
load 854263-1.html
load 862185.html
load 862947-1.html
load 863935.html
load 866547-1.html
needs-focus pref(accessibility.browsewithcaret,true) load 868906.html
asserts(0-5) load 876074-1.html # bug 876749
load 885009-1.html
load 893496-1.html
load 893523.html
asserts(0-3) load 898871.html # bug 479160 - mostly OSX, sometimes Windows
asserts(0-3) load 914501.html # bug 1144852 - all platforms
load 914891.html
load 915475.xhtml
load 927558.html
load 943509-1.html
asserts(3-8) load 944909-1.html
load 946167-1.html
load 947158.html
load 949932.html
asserts-if(Android,0-1) load 964078.html # bug 989718
load 970710.html
load 973701-1.xhtml
load 973701-2.xhtml
load 986899.html
load 1001233.html
load 1001258-1.html
load 1003441.xul
pref(layout.css.grid.enabled,true) load 1015562.html
asserts(1-2) load 1015563-1.html
asserts(1-2) load 1015563-2.html
asserts(0-300) load 1015844.html # bug 574889
pref(font.size.inflation.minTwips,200) load 1032450.html
load 1032613-1.svg
load 1032613-2.html
load 1037903.html
load 1039454-1.html
load 1042489.html
load 1054010-1.html
load 1058954-1.html
load 1134531.html
load 1134667.html
load 1137723-1.html
load 1137723-2.html
load 1145768.html
load 1146103.html
load 1146107.html
load 1146114.html
load 1153695.html
load 1156222.html
pref(layout.css.grid.enabled,true) load 1156257.html
load 1157011.html
load 1169420-1.html
load 1169420-2.html
load 1183431.html
load 1221112-1.html
load 1221112-2.html
load 1221874-1.html
load 1222783.xhtml
load 1223568-1.html
load 1223568-2.html
load 1224230-1.html
pref(layout.css.grid.enabled,true) load 1225118.html
pref(layout.css.grid.enabled,true) load 1225376.html
pref(layout.css.grid.enabled,true) load 1225592.html
load 1229437-1.html
load 1229437-2.html
pref(dom.details_element.enabled,true) load details-containing-only-text.html
pref(dom.details_element.enabled,true) load details-open-overflow-auto.html
pref(dom.details_element.enabled,true) load details-open-overflow-hidden.html
pref(dom.details_element.enabled,true) load details-three-columns.html
load first-letter-638937-1.html
load first-letter-638937-2.html
pref(dom.meta-viewport.enabled,true) test-pref(font.size.inflation.emPerLine,15) asserts(0-100) load font-inflation-762332.html # bug 762332
load outline-on-frameset.xhtml
pref(dom.details_element.enabled,true) load summary-position-out-of-flow.html
load text-overflow-bug666751-1.html
load text-overflow-bug666751-2.html
load text-overflow-bug670564.xhtml
load text-overflow-bug671796.xhtml
load text-overflow-bug713610.html
load text-overflow-form-elements.html
load text-overflow-iframe.html
asserts-if(Android,2-4) asserts-if(!Android,4) load 1225005.html # bug 682647 and bug 448083