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/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 * file, You can obtain one at */

#include "nsISupports.idl"

[scriptable, uuid(5ab02a98-5122-4b90-93cd-f259c4b42e3a)]
interface nsISyncJPAKE : nsISupports
   * Perform first round of the JPAKE exchange.
   * @param aSignerID
   *        String identifying the signer.
   * @param aGX1
   *        Schnorr signature value g^x1, in hex representation.
   * @param aGV1
   *        Schnorr signature value g^v1 (v1 is a random value), in hex
   *        representation.
   * @param aR1
   *        Schnorr signature value r1 = v1 - x1 * h, in hex representation.
   * @param aGX2
   *        Schnorr signature value g^x2, in hex representation.
   * @param aGV2
   *        Schnorr signature value g^v2 (v2 is a random value), in hex
   *        representation.
   * @param aR2
   *        Schnorr signature value r2 = v2 - x2 * h, in hex representation.
  void round1(in ACString aSignerID,
              out ACString aGX1,
              out ACString aGV1,
              out ACString aR1,
              out ACString aGX2,
              out ACString aGV2,
              out ACString aR2);

   * Perform second round of the JPAKE exchange.
   * @param aPeerID
   *        String identifying the peer.
   * @param aPIN
   *        String containing the weak secret (PIN).
   * @param aGX3
   *        Schnorr signature value g^x3, in hex representation.
   * @param aGV3
   *        Schnorr signature value g^v3 (v3 is a random value), in hex
   *        representation.
   * @param aR3
   *        Schnorr signature value r3 = v3 - x3 * h, in hex representation.
   * @param aGX4
   *        Schnorr signature value g^x4, in hex representation.
   * @param aGV4
   *        Schnorr signature value g^v4 (v4 is a random value), in hex
   *        representation.
   * @param aR4
   *        Schnorr signature value r4 = v4 - x4 * h, in hex representation.
   * @param aA
   *        Schnorr signature value A, in hex representation.
   * @param aGVA
   *        Schnorr signature value g^va (va is a random value), in hex
   *        representation.
   * @param aRA
   *        Schnorr signature value ra = va - xa * h, in hex representation.
  void round2(in ACString aPeerID,
              in ACString aPIN,
              in ACString aGX3,
              in ACString aGV3,
              in ACString aR3,
              in ACString aGX4,
              in ACString aGV4,
              in ACString aR4,
              out ACString aA,
              out ACString aGVA,
              out ACString aRA);

   * Perform the final step of the JPAKE exchange. This will compute
   * the key and expand the key to two keys, an AES256 encryption key
   * and a 256 bit HMAC key. It returns a key confirmation value
   * (SHA256d of the key) and the encryption and HMAC keys.
   * @param aB
   *        Schnorr signature value B, in hex representation.
   * @param aGVB
   *        Schnorr signature value g^vb (vb is a random value), in hex
   *        representation.
   * @param aRB
   *        Schnorr signature value rb = vb - xb * h, in hex representation.
   * @param aAES256Key
   *        The AES 256 encryption key, in base64 representation.
   * @param aHMAC256Key
   *        The 256 bit HMAC key, in base64 representation.
  void final(in ACString aB,
             in ACString aGVB,
             in ACString aRB,
             in ACString aHkdfInfo,
             out ACString aAES256Key,
             out ACString aHMAC256Key);