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#ifndef jit_shared_Lowering_x86_shared_h
#define jit_shared_Lowering_x86_shared_h

#include "jit/shared/Lowering-shared.h"

namespace js {
namespace jit {

class LIRGeneratorX86Shared : public LIRGeneratorShared
    LIRGeneratorX86Shared(MIRGenerator *gen, MIRGraph &graph, LIRGraph &lirGraph)
      : LIRGeneratorShared(gen, graph, lirGraph)

    LTableSwitch *newLTableSwitch(const LAllocation &in, const LDefinition &inputCopy,
                                  MTableSwitch *ins);
    LTableSwitchV *newLTableSwitchV(MTableSwitch *ins);

    void visitGuardShape(MGuardShape *ins);
    void visitGuardObjectGroup(MGuardObjectGroup *ins);
    void visitPowHalf(MPowHalf *ins);
    void lowerForShift(LInstructionHelper<1, 2, 0> *ins, MDefinition *mir, MDefinition *lhs,
                       MDefinition *rhs);
    void lowerForALU(LInstructionHelper<1, 1, 0> *ins, MDefinition *mir, MDefinition *input);
    void lowerForALU(LInstructionHelper<1, 2, 0> *ins, MDefinition *mir, MDefinition *lhs,
                     MDefinition *rhs);
    template<size_t Temps>
    void lowerForFPU(LInstructionHelper<1, 2, Temps> *ins, MDefinition *mir, MDefinition *lhs,
                     MDefinition *rhs);
    void lowerForCompIx4(LSimdBinaryCompIx4 *ins, MSimdBinaryComp *mir,
                         MDefinition *lhs, MDefinition *rhs);
    void lowerForCompFx4(LSimdBinaryCompFx4 *ins, MSimdBinaryComp *mir,
                         MDefinition *lhs, MDefinition *rhs);
    void lowerForBitAndAndBranch(LBitAndAndBranch *baab, MInstruction *mir,
                                 MDefinition *lhs, MDefinition *rhs);
    void visitConstant(MConstant *ins);
    void visitAsmJSNeg(MAsmJSNeg *ins);
    void lowerMulI(MMul *mul, MDefinition *lhs, MDefinition *rhs);
    void lowerDivI(MDiv *div);
    void lowerModI(MMod *mod);
    void lowerUDiv(MDiv *div);
    void lowerUMod(MMod *mod);
    void lowerUrshD(MUrsh *mir);
    void lowerConstantDouble(double d, MInstruction *ins);
    void lowerConstantFloat32(float d, MInstruction *ins);
    void lowerTruncateDToInt32(MTruncateToInt32 *ins);
    void lowerTruncateFToInt32(MTruncateToInt32 *ins);
    void visitSimdBinaryArith(MSimdBinaryArith *ins);
    void visitSimdSelect(MSimdSelect *ins);
    void visitSimdSplatX4(MSimdSplatX4 *ins);
    void visitSimdValueX4(MSimdValueX4 *ins);
    void lowerCompareExchangeTypedArrayElement(MCompareExchangeTypedArrayElement *ins,
                                               bool useI386ByteRegisters);
    void lowerAtomicTypedArrayElementBinop(MAtomicTypedArrayElementBinop *ins,
                                           bool useI386ByteRegisters);

} // namespace jit
} // namespace js

#endif /* jit_shared_Lowering_x86_shared_h */