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#ifndef nsScrollPortView_h___
#define nsScrollPortView_h___

#include "nsView.h"
#include "nsIScrollableView.h"
#include "nsCOMPtr.h"
#include "nsITimer.h"

class nsISupportsArray;
class SmoothScroll;

//this is a class that acts as a container for other views and provides
//automatic management of scrolling of the views it contains.

class nsScrollPortView : public nsView, public nsIScrollableView
  nsScrollPortView(nsViewManager* aViewManager = nsnull);

  virtual nsIScrollableView* ToScrollableView() { return this; }

                            void** aInstancePtr);

  //nsIScrollableView interface
  NS_IMETHOD  CreateScrollControls(nsNativeWidget aNative = nsnull);
  NS_IMETHOD  GetContainerSize(nscoord *aWidth, nscoord *aHeight) const;
  NS_IMETHOD  SetScrolledView(nsIView *aScrolledView);
  NS_IMETHOD  GetScrolledView(nsIView *&aScrolledView) const;

  NS_IMETHOD  GetScrollPosition(nscoord &aX, nscoord &aY) const;
  NS_IMETHOD  ScrollTo(nscoord aX, nscoord aY, PRUint32 aUpdateFlags);
  NS_IMETHOD  SetScrollProperties(PRUint32 aProperties);
  NS_IMETHOD  GetScrollProperties(PRUint32 *aProperties);
  NS_IMETHOD  SetLineHeight(nscoord aHeight);
  NS_IMETHOD  GetLineHeight(nscoord *aHeight);
  NS_IMETHOD  ScrollByLines(PRInt32 aNumLinesX, PRInt32 aNumLinesY);
  NS_IMETHOD  GetPageScrollDistances(nsSize *aDistances);
  NS_IMETHOD  ScrollByPages(PRInt32 aNumPagesX, PRInt32 aNumPagesY);
  NS_IMETHOD  ScrollByWhole(PRBool aTop);
  NS_IMETHOD  ScrollByPixels(PRInt32 aNumPixelsX, PRInt32 aNumPixelsY);
  NS_IMETHOD  CanScroll(PRBool aHorizontal, PRBool aForward, PRBool &aResult);

  NS_IMETHOD_(nsIView*) View();

  NS_IMETHOD  AddScrollPositionListener(nsIScrollPositionListener* aListener);
  NS_IMETHOD  RemoveScrollPositionListener(nsIScrollPositionListener* aListener);

  // local to the view module

  nsView*     GetScrolledView() const { return GetFirstChild(); }

  NS_IMETHOD  ScrollToImpl(nscoord aX, nscoord aY, PRUint32 aUpdateFlags);

  // data members
  SmoothScroll* mSmoothScroll;

  // methods
  void        IncrementalScroll();
  PRBool      IsSmoothScrollingEnabled();
  static void SmoothScrollAnimationCallback(nsITimer *aTimer, void* aESM);

  virtual ~nsScrollPortView();

  void Scroll(nsView *aScrolledView, nsPoint aTwipsDelta, nsPoint aPixDelta, PRInt32 p2a);
  PRBool CannotBitBlt(nsView* aScrolledView);

  nscoord             mOffsetX, mOffsetY;
  PRUint32            mScrollProperties;
  nscoord             mLineHeight;
  nsISupportsArray   *mListeners;