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Bug 555547 - A command of placesContextMenu is carried out for a wrong bookmark item. r=mak a=blocking

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#ifndef __UCONV_TIL_H__
#define __UCONV_TIL_H__

#include "prcpucfg.h"

#define PACK(h,l)   (int16)(( (h) << 8) | (l))

#if defined(IS_LITTLE_ENDIAN)
#define ShiftInCell(sub,len,min,max)  \
    PACK(len,sub), PACK(max,min)
#define ShiftOutCell(sub,len,minh,minl,maxh,maxl)  \
    PACK(len,sub), PACK(minl,minh), PACK(maxl,maxh)
#define ShiftInCell(sub,len,min,max)  \
    PACK(sub,len), PACK(min, max)
#define ShiftOutCell(sub,len,minh,minl,maxh,maxl)  \
    PACK(sub,len), PACK(minh,minl), PACK(maxh,maxl)

typedef enum {
        u1ByteCharset = 0,
        uNumOfCharsetType = uMultibytesCharset
} uScanClassID;

typedef enum {
        u1ByteChar                      = 0,
        u1BytePrefix8EChar,             /* Used by JIS0201 GR in EUC_JP */
} uScanSubClassID;

typedef struct  {
        unsigned char   classID;
        unsigned char   reserveLen;
        unsigned char   shiftin_Min;
        unsigned char   shiftin_Max;
} uShiftInCell;

typedef struct  {
        PRInt16         numOfItem;
        uShiftInCell    shiftcell[1];
} uShiftInTableMutable;

typedef const uShiftInTableMutable uShiftInTable;

typedef struct  {
        unsigned char   classID;
        unsigned char   reserveLen;
        unsigned char   shiftout_MinHB;
        unsigned char   shiftout_MinLB;
        unsigned char   shiftout_MaxHB;
        unsigned char   shiftout_MaxLB;
} uShiftOutCell;

typedef struct  {
        PRInt16         numOfItem;
        uShiftOutCell   shiftcell[1];
} uShiftOutTableMutable;

typedef const uShiftOutTableMutable uShiftOutTable;


typedef struct {
        unsigned char min;
        unsigned char max;
} uRange;


typedef PRUint16* uMappingTableMutable; 
typedef const PRUint16 uMappingTable;