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#include "nsError.h"
#include "prtypes.h"


/** pfnXPIProgress  -- individual install item callback
 *  This callback will be called twice for each installed item,
 *  First when it is scheduled (val and max will both be 0) and
 *  then during the finalize step.
typedef void    (*pfnXPIProgress)(const char* msg, PRInt32 val, PRInt32 max);

/** XPI_Init
 *  call XPI_Init() to initialize XPCOM and the XPInstall
 *  engine, and to pass in your callback functions.
 *  @param aProgramDir   directory to use as "program" directory. If NULL default
 *                       will be used -- the location of the calling executable.
 *                       Must be native filename format.
 *  @param aLogName      filename for log.
 *  @param progressCB    Called for each installed file
 *  @returns    XPCOM status code indicating success or failure
PR_EXTERN(nsresult) XPI_Init( const char*       aProgramDir,
                              const char*       aLogName,
                              pfnXPIProgress    progressCB );

/** XPI_Install
 *  Install an XPI package from a local file
 *  @param file     Native filename of XPI archive
 *  @param args     Install.arguments, if any
 *  @param flags    the old SmartUpdate trigger flags. This may go away
 *  @returns status  Status from the installed archive
PR_EXTERN(PRInt32) XPI_Install( const char*    file,
                                const char* args, 
                                long flags         );

/** XPI_Exit
 *  call when done to shut down the XPInstall and XPCOM engines
 *  and free allocated memory
PR_EXTERN(void) XPI_Exit();