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Bug 590026 - Geolocation requests should disconnect their timer on shutdown. r=dougt a=bsmedberg

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#ifndef mozilla_jetpack_JetpackActorCommon_h
#define mozilla_jetpack_JetpackActorCommon_h

#include "nsClassHashtable.h"
#include "nsHashKeys.h"
#include "nsTArray.h"
#include "nsString.h"
#include "nsAutoJSValHolder.h"

struct JSContext;

namespace mozilla {
namespace jetpack {

class KeyValue;
class PrimVariant;
class CompVariant;
class Variant;

class JetpackActorCommon

  RecvMessage(JSContext* cx,
              const nsString& messageName,
              const InfallibleTArray<Variant>& data,
              InfallibleTArray<Variant>* results);

  RegisterReceiver(JSContext* cx,
                   const nsString& messageName,
                   jsval receiver);

  UnregisterReceiver(const nsString& messageName,
                     jsval receiver);

  UnregisterReceivers(const nsString& messageName) {

  void ClearReceivers() {

  class OpaqueSeenType;
  static bool jsval_to_Variant(JSContext* cx, jsval from, Variant* to,
                               OpaqueSeenType* seen = NULL);
  static bool jsval_from_Variant(JSContext* cx, const Variant& from, jsval* to,
                                 OpaqueSeenType* seen = NULL);


  JetpackActorCommon() {
                 "Failed to initialize message receiver hash set");


  static bool jsval_to_PrimVariant(JSContext* cx, JSType type, jsval from,
                                   PrimVariant* to);
  static bool jsval_to_CompVariant(JSContext* cx, JSType type, jsval from,
                                   CompVariant* to, OpaqueSeenType* seen);

  static bool jsval_from_PrimVariant(JSContext* cx, const PrimVariant& from,
                                     jsval* to);
  static bool jsval_from_CompVariant(JSContext* cx, const CompVariant& from,
                                     jsval* to, OpaqueSeenType* seen);

  // Don't want to be memcpy'ing nsAutoJSValHolders around, so we need a
  // linked list of receivers.
  class RecList
    JSContext* mCx;
    class RecNode
      nsAutoJSValHolder mHolder;
      RecNode* down;
      RecNode(JSContext* cx, jsval v) : down(NULL) {
        mHolder = v;
      jsval value() { return mHolder; }
    }* mHead;
    RecList(JSContext* cx) : mCx(cx), mHead(NULL) {}
    void add(jsval v);
    void remove(jsval v);
    void copyTo(nsTArray<jsval>& dst) const;

  nsClassHashtable<nsStringHashKey, RecList> mReceivers;


} // namespace jetpack
} // namespace mozilla