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Bug 1311068 - remove InitializerList.h; r=botond We needed this polyfill for <initializer_list> when some of our C++ standard libraries did not support said header. They all do now, so the polyfill is redundant.

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#include <d2d1_1.h>
#include <d2d1effectauthor.h>
#include <d2d1effecthelpers.h>

#include "2D.h"
#include "mozilla/Attributes.h"

// {97143DC6-CBC4-4DD4-A8BA-13342B0BA46D}
0x5fb55c7c, 0xd795, 0x4ba3, 0xa9, 0x5c, 0x22, 0x82, 0x5d, 0x0c, 0x4d, 0xf7);

namespace mozilla {
namespace gfx {

enum {

// An effect type that passes through its input unchanged but sets the effect's
// output rect to a specified rect. Unlike the built-in Crop effect, the
// ExtendInput effect can extend the input rect, and not just make it smaller.
// The added margins are filled with transparent black.
// Some effects have different output depending on their input effect's output
// rect, for example the Border effect (which repeats the edges of its input
// effect's output rect) or the component transfer and color matrix effects
// (which can transform transparent pixels into non-transparent ones, but only
// inside their input effect's output rect).
class ExtendInputEffectD2D1 final : public ID2D1EffectImpl
                                  , public ID2D1DrawTransform
  // ID2D1EffectImpl
  IFACEMETHODIMP Initialize(ID2D1EffectContext* pContextInternal, ID2D1TransformGraph* pTransformGraph);
  IFACEMETHODIMP PrepareForRender(D2D1_CHANGE_TYPE changeType);
  IFACEMETHODIMP SetGraph(ID2D1TransformGraph* pGraph);

  // IUnknown
  IFACEMETHODIMP QueryInterface(REFIID riid, void** ppOutput);

  // ID2D1Transform
  IFACEMETHODIMP MapInputRectsToOutputRect(const D2D1_RECT_L* pInputRects,
                                           const D2D1_RECT_L* pInputOpaqueSubRects,
                                           UINT32 inputRectCount,
                                           D2D1_RECT_L* pOutputRect,
                                           D2D1_RECT_L* pOutputOpaqueSubRect);
  IFACEMETHODIMP MapOutputRectToInputRects(const D2D1_RECT_L* pOutputRect,
                                           D2D1_RECT_L* pInputRects,
                                           UINT32 inputRectCount) const;
  IFACEMETHODIMP MapInvalidRect(UINT32 inputIndex,
                                D2D1_RECT_L invalidInputRect,
                                D2D1_RECT_L* pInvalidOutputRect) const;

  // ID2D1TransformNode
  IFACEMETHODIMP_(UINT32) GetInputCount() const { return 1; }

  // ID2D1DrawTransform
  IFACEMETHODIMP SetDrawInfo(ID2D1DrawInfo *pDrawInfo) { return S_OK; }

  static HRESULT Register(ID2D1Factory1* aFactory);
  static void Unregister(ID2D1Factory1* aFactory);
  static HRESULT __stdcall CreateEffect(IUnknown** aEffectImpl);

  HRESULT SetOutputRect(D2D1_VECTOR_4F aOutputRect)
  { mOutputRect = aOutputRect; return S_OK; }
  D2D1_VECTOR_4F GetOutputRect() const { return mOutputRect; }


  uint32_t mRefCount;
  D2D1_VECTOR_4F mOutputRect;