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Bug 1271457 - Add use counters for non-standard IDB extensions. r=janv, r=qDot

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interface IDBDatabase : EventTarget {
    readonly    attribute DOMString          name;
    readonly    attribute unsigned long long version;

    readonly    attribute DOMStringList      objectStoreNames;

    IDBObjectStore createObjectStore (DOMString name, optional IDBObjectStoreParameters optionalParameters);

    void           deleteObjectStore (DOMString name);

    IDBTransaction transaction ((DOMString or sequence<DOMString>) storeNames,
                                optional IDBTransactionMode mode = "readonly");

    void           close ();

                attribute EventHandler       onabort;
                attribute EventHandler       onclose;
                attribute EventHandler       onerror;
                attribute EventHandler       onversionchange;

partial interface IDBDatabase {
    readonly    attribute StorageType        storage;

    [Exposed=Window, Throws, UseCounter]
    IDBRequest createMutableFile (DOMString name, optional DOMString type);

    // this is deprecated due to renaming in the spec
    [Exposed=Window, Throws, UseCounter]
    IDBRequest mozCreateFileHandle (DOMString name, optional DOMString type); // now createMutableFile