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 * Test pararameter passing and argument conversion.
 * Each test method returns the value in 'b', and copies 'a' into 'b'. This lets
 * us test return values, in params, and inout params (out params should be
 * covered by the intersection of return values and inout).

#include "nsISupports.idl"

[scriptable, uuid(b94cd289-d0df-4d25-8995-facf687d921d)]
interface nsIXPCTestParams : nsISupports {

  // These types correspond to the ones in typelib.py
  boolean               testBoolean(in boolean a, inout boolean b);
  octet                 testOctet(in octet a, inout octet b);
  short                 testShort(in short a, inout short b);
  long                  testLong(in long a, inout long b);
  long long             testLongLong(in long long a, inout long long b);
  unsigned short        testUnsignedShort(in unsigned short a, inout unsigned short b);
  unsigned long         testUnsignedLong(in unsigned long a, inout unsigned long b);
  unsigned long long    testUnsignedLongLong(in unsigned long long a, inout unsigned long long b);
  float                 testFloat(in float a, inout float b);
  double                testDouble(in double a, inout float b);
  char                  testChar(in char a, inout char b);
  string                testString(in string a, inout string b);
  wchar                 testWchar(in wchar a, inout wchar b);
  wstring               testWstring(in wstring a, inout wstring b);
  DOMString             testDOMString(in DOMString a, inout DOMString b);
  AString               testAString(in AString a, inout AString b);
  AUTF8String           testAUTF8String(in AUTF8String a, inout AUTF8String b);
  ACString              testACString(in ACString a, inout ACString b);
  jsval                 testJsval(in jsval a, inout jsval b);