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Bug 1219846 - Part 2: Make 'omnijar' project in srcdir. r=me DONTBUILD NPOTB The :omnijar project is for IntelliJ only; adding it neatly labels folders we consider part of the omnijar in mobile/android. The JAR produced is not used. We add an evaluation-time dependency from :app to :omnijar so that we can declare the set of omnijar folders exactly once. We'd prefer to have the dependency in the other direction (to save evaluation time) but there's an interface mismatch between the two Gradle model types. See comments in the :omnijar project. This is delicate.

# This Makefile is used as a shim to aid people with muscle memory
# so that they can type "make".
# This file and all of its targets should not be used by anything important.

all: build

	./mach build

	./mach clobber

.PHONY: all build clean