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Bug 1529807 [wpt PR 15498] - [Azure Pipelines] Add wpt.fyi hooks for each individual job/run, a=testonly Automatic update from web-platform-tests [Azure Pipelines] Add wpt.fyi hooks for each individual job/run (#15498) * [Azure Pipelines] Add wpt.fyi hooks for each individual job/run * Make job name unique * No dashes in job names -- wpt-commits: 8ba55334175854f7461257e9d89a104a54f6d748 wpt-pr: 15498

# This job is used to get a run into wpt.fyi and staging.wpt.fyi, by notifying
# them with the build number and artifact to use.

  dependsOn: ''
  artifactName: ''

- job: ${{ parameters.dependsOn }}_hook
  displayName: 'wpt.fyi hook: ${{ parameters.artifactName }}'
  dependsOn: ${{ parameters.dependsOn }}
    vmImage: 'ubuntu-16.04'
  - script: curl -s -S https://wpt.fyi/api/checks/azure/$(Build.BuildId)?artifact=${{ parameters.artifactName }}
    displayName: 'Invoke wpt.fyi hook'
  - script: curl -s -S https://staging.wpt.fyi/api/checks/azure/$(Build.BuildId)?artifact=${{ parameters.artifactName }}
    displayName: 'Invoke staging.wpt.fyi hook'