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Bug 676252 part 2 - Use a different object file extension for the first PGO build pass with GCC. r=ted

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'''Given a list of object files and library names, prints a library
descriptor to standard output'''

import sys
import os
import expandlibs_config as conf
from expandlibs import LibDescriptor

def generate(args):
    desc = LibDescriptor()
    for arg in args:
        if os.path.splitext(arg)[1] in [conf.OBJ_SUFFIX, '.i_o']:
        elif os.path.splitext(arg)[1] == conf.LIB_SUFFIX and \
             (os.path.exists(arg) or os.path.exists(arg + conf.LIBS_DESC_SUFFIX)):
    return desc

if __name__ == '__main__':
    print generate(sys.argv[1:])