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Backout 3e4e600adc3b (bug 782542) for crashtest-ipc timeouts

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include protocol PContent;
include protocol PHttpChannel;
include protocol PCookieService;
include protocol PBrowser;
include protocol PWyciwygChannel;
include protocol PFTPChannel;
include protocol PWebSocket;
include protocol PTCPSocket;

include "SerializedLoadContext.h";

using IPC::SerializedLoadContext;

namespace mozilla {
namespace net {

sync protocol PNecko
  manager PContent;
  manages PHttpChannel;
  manages PCookieService;
  manages PWyciwygChannel;
  manages PFTPChannel;
  manages PWebSocket;
  manages PTCPSocket;


  PHttpChannel(nullable PBrowser browser,
               SerializedLoadContext loadContext);
  PWebSocket(PBrowser browser);
  PTCPSocket(nsString host, uint16_t port, bool useSSL, nsString binaryType,
             nullable PBrowser browser);

  HTMLDNSPrefetch(nsString hostname, uint16_t flags);
  CancelHTMLDNSPrefetch(nsString hostname, uint16_t flags, nsresult reason);


} // namespace net
} // namespace mozilla