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Bug 1305957 part 6 - Select scroll anchors when flushing notifications in PresShell. r=hiro This commit adds a mechanism for scroll anchor containers to request an anchor node selection at a future time. Currently this is before styling so that anchor adjustment suppression will have current anchor nodes. Differential Revision:

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#pragma once

// Moz headers (alphabetical)

// System headers (alphabetical)
#include <windows.h>  // HINSTANCE, HANDLE
#include <wlanapi.h>  // Wlan* functions

class WinWLANLibrary {
  static WinWLANLibrary* Load();

  HANDLE GetWLANHandle() const;
  decltype(::WlanEnumInterfaces)* GetWlanEnumInterfacesPtr() const;
  decltype(::WlanGetNetworkBssList)* GetWlanGetNetworkBssListPtr() const;
  decltype(::WlanFreeMemory)* GetWlanFreeMemoryPtr() const;
  decltype(::WlanCloseHandle)* GetWlanCloseHandlePtr() const;
  decltype(::WlanOpenHandle)* GetWlanOpenHandlePtr() const;
  decltype(::WlanRegisterNotification)* GetWlanRegisterNotificationPtr() const;
  decltype(::WlanScan)* GetWlanScanPtr() const;

  bool Initialize();

  HMODULE mWlanLibrary;
  HANDLE mWlanHandle;
  decltype(::WlanEnumInterfaces)* mWlanEnumInterfacesPtr;
  decltype(::WlanGetNetworkBssList)* mWlanGetNetworkBssListPtr;
  decltype(::WlanFreeMemory)* mWlanFreeMemoryPtr;
  decltype(::WlanCloseHandle)* mWlanCloseHandlePtr;
  decltype(::WlanOpenHandle)* mWlanOpenHandlePtr;
  decltype(::WlanRegisterNotification)* mWlanRegisterNotificationPtr;
  decltype(::WlanScan)* mWlanScanPtr;

class ScopedWLANObject {
  ScopedWLANObject(WinWLANLibrary* library, void* object)
      : mLibrary(library), mObject(object) {}

  ~ScopedWLANObject() { (*(mLibrary->GetWlanFreeMemoryPtr()))(mObject); }

  WinWLANLibrary* mLibrary;
  void* mObject;