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Bug 1492663 - Upgrade most CI builds to clang 7 r=froydnj The cctools-port linker links against libraries from clang (for LTO), which have different SONAMEs depending on the clang version. Which means the linker needs to be used along the same version of clang it was built against. Thus we also make it depend on linux64-clang-7. But changing the dependency is not enough, cf. bug 1471905, so also touch its build script, which it turns out, we need to do anyways because llvm-dsymutil was renamed to dsymutil. Relatedly, all toolchains that are built using cctools-port need to use linux64-clang-7 too. Building compiler-rt 7 with the OSX 10.11 SDK fails because of some newer APIs being used in compiler-rt for xray, but this is not a feature we use, so disable that. Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D6766