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Tue, 05 Mar 2019 12:18:01 +0000
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Bug 1529059 [wpt PR 15420] - [BlinkGenPropertyTrees] Initiailize double_sided of synthetic effect, a=testonly Automatic update from web-platform-tests [BlinkGenPropertyTrees] Initiailize double_sided of synthetic effect Previously synthetic effects always had double_sided==false, causing the layer disappear when the backface was facing forward. Bug: 928190 Change-Id: I35534b40346d5c5918bc99c00a4ca6b4e3b68796 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Philip Rogers <> Commit-Queue: Xianzhu Wang <> Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#632764} -- wpt-commits: a89467050deaf1dcbd9140a2f0670b1b85e518ee wpt-pr: 15420

== move-to-background-1.html move-to-background-1-ref.html
fuzzy-if(cocoaWidget,0-2,0-6) random-if(Android) == component-alpha-exit-1.html component-alpha-exit-1-ref.html # bug 760275
fuzzy-if(cocoaWidget,0-2,0-6) random-if(Android) == component-alpha-enter-1.html component-alpha-enter-1-ref.html

!= pull-background-1.html about:blank
!= pull-background-2.html about:blank
!= pull-background-3.html about:blank
!= pull-background-4.html about:blank
!= pull-background-5.html about:blank
!= pull-background-6.html about:blank

# The animated-position tests are disabled for intermittent failures / passes, bug 1150941
skip != pull-background-animated-position-1.html about:blank # Fails with event regions
skip != pull-background-animated-position-2.html about:blank
skip != pull-background-animated-position-3.html about:blank # Fails because PaintedLayer item assignment doesn't recognize overflow:hidden clips
skip != pull-background-animated-position-4.html about:blank # Fails because PaintedLayer item assignment and background pulling don't recognize overflow:hidden clips
skip != pull-background-animated-position-5.html about:blank # Fails because ownLayer bounds don't anticipate changes of animated contents, but doesn't fail with event regions

skip-if(!asyncPan) != pull-background-displayport-1.html about:blank
skip-if(!asyncPan) != pull-background-displayport-2.html about:blank
skip-if(!asyncPan) != pull-background-displayport-3.html about:blank # fails with non-overlay scrollbars and event regions due to bug 1148515
skip-if(!asyncPan) != pull-background-displayport-4.html about:blank # fails with non-overlay scrollbars and event regions due to bug 1148515
skip-if(!asyncPan) != pull-background-displayport-5.html about:blank
skip-if(!asyncPan) != pull-background-displayport-6.html about:blank # fails with non-overlay scrollbars and event regions due to bug 1148515

fuzzy(0-2,0-30150) == opacity-blending.html opacity-blending-ref.html
fuzzy(0-16,0-5) == mask-layer-transform.html mask-layer-transform-ref.html
fuzzy-if(gtkWidget,0-1,0-17) fuzzy-if(Android,0-3,0-4) == forced-bg-color-outside-visible-region.html forced-bg-color-outside-visible-region-ref.html
!= layerize-over-fixed-bg-1.html about:blank
skip-if(!asyncPan) != fixed-pos-scrolled-clip-layerize.html about:blank
skip-if(!asyncPan) == fixed-pos-scrolled-clip-opacity-layerize.html fixed-pos-scrolled-clip-opacity-inside-layerize.html

# These tests check whether the GPU process is working. We expect it to work if:
#   E10S is enabled, and
#   Direct2D 1.1 works (as a proxy for Windows 7 SP1 + Platform Update or higher), OR
#   The GPU process has been forced on.
# If these conditions are met, but the GPU process is not on, these tests will turn on
# and compare false.
skip-if(!browserIsRemote||!d2d||gpuProcess) == data:text/plain,FAIL about:blank
skip-if(!gpuProcessForceEnabled||gpuProcess) == data:text/plain,FAIL about:blank

fuzzy-if(webrender,0-1,0-8033) == opacity-background-1.html opacity-background-1-ref.html