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bug 376046 - add support for specifying an ssh private key in the symbol upload script - bash-fu + a bonus fix that i missed in a previous patch. r=bsmedberg

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# NSIS defines for release builds.
# The nightly build branding.nsi is located in browser/installer/windows/nsis/
!define BrandShortName        "Firefox"
!define BrandFullName         "Mozilla Firefox"
# BrandFullNameInternal is used for some registry and file system values that
# should not contain release that may be in the BrandFullName (e.g. Beta 1, etc.)
!define BrandFullNameInternal "Mozilla Firefox"
!define CompanyName           "Mozilla Corporation"
!define URLInfoAbout          "http://${AB_CD}.www.mozilla.com/${AB_CD}/"
!define URLUpdateInfo         "http://${AB_CD}.www.mozilla.com/${AB_CD}/firefox/"
!define SurveyURL             "https://survey.mozilla.com/1/Mozilla%20Firefox/${AppVersion}/${AB_CD}/exit.html"

# Percentage of new "Standard" installs to enable talkback for
!define RandomPercent         "10"