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Bug 639885 - Don't use named Windows kernel objects because they will cause conflicts when running multiple Firefox processes concurrently; r=jrmuizel a=stuart

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#include "ReadbackManagerD3D10.h"
#include "ReadbackProcessor.h"

#include "nsIThread.h"
#include "nsThreadUtils.h"
#include "gfxImageSurface.h"

namespace mozilla {
namespace layers {

// Structure that contains the information required to execute a readback task,
// the only member accessed off the main thread here is mReadbackTexture. Since
// mLayer may be released only on the main thread this object should always be
// destroyed on the main thread!
struct ReadbackTask {
  // The texture that we copied the contents of the thebeslayer to.
  nsRefPtr<ID3D10Texture2D> mReadbackTexture;
  // This exists purely to keep the ReadbackLayer alive for the lifetime of
  // mUpdate. Note that this addref and release should occur -solely- on the
  // main thread.
  nsRefPtr<ReadbackLayer> mLayer;
  ReadbackProcessor::Update mUpdate;
  // The origin in ThebesLayer coordinates of mReadbackTexture.
  gfxPoint mOrigin;
  // mLayer->GetBackgroundOffset() when the task is created.  We have
  // to save this in the ReadbackTask because it might change before
  // the update is delivered to the readback sink.
  nsIntPoint mBackgroundOffset;

// This class is created and dispatched from the Readback thread but it must be
// destroyed by the main thread.
class ReadbackResultWriter : public nsIRunnable
  ReadbackResultWriter(ReadbackTask *aTask) : mTask(aTask) {}

    ReadbackProcessor::Update *update = &mTask->mUpdate;

    if (!update->mLayer->GetSink()) {
      // This can happen when a plugin is destroyed.
      return NS_OK;

    nsIntPoint offset = mTask->mBackgroundOffset;

    D3D10_TEXTURE2D_DESC desc;

    D3D10_MAPPED_TEXTURE2D mappedTex;
    // We know this map will immediately succeed, as we've already mapped this
    // copied data on our task thread.
    HRESULT hr = mTask->mReadbackTexture->Map(0, D3D10_MAP_READ, 0, &mappedTex);

    if (FAILED(hr)) {
      // If this fails we're never going to get our ThebesLayer content.
      return NS_OK;

    nsRefPtr<gfxImageSurface> sourceSurface =
      new gfxImageSurface((unsigned char*)mappedTex.pData,
                          gfxIntSize(desc.Width, desc.Height),

    nsRefPtr<gfxContext> ctx =
      update->mLayer->GetSink()->BeginUpdate(update->mUpdateRect + offset,

    if (ctx) {
      ctx->Translate(gfxPoint(offset.x, offset.y));
      ctx->SetSource(sourceSurface, gfxPoint(mTask->mOrigin.x,

      update->mLayer->GetSink()->EndUpdate(ctx, update->mUpdateRect + offset);


    return NS_OK;

  nsAutoPtr<ReadbackTask> mTask;

NS_IMPL_THREADSAFE_ISUPPORTS1(ReadbackResultWriter, nsIRunnable)

DWORD WINAPI StartTaskThread(void *aManager)

  return 0;

  : mRefCnt(0)
  mShutdownEvent = ::CreateEventA(NULL, FALSE, FALSE, NULL);
  mTaskSemaphore = ::CreateSemaphoreA(NULL, 0, 1000000, NULL);
  mTaskThread = ::CreateThread(NULL, 0, StartTaskThread, this, 0, 0);


  // This shouldn't take longer than 5 seconds, if it does we're going to choose
  // to leak the thread and its synchronisation in favor of crashing or freezing
  DWORD result = ::WaitForSingleObject(mTaskThread, 5000);
  if (result != WAIT_TIMEOUT) {
  } else {
    NS_RUNTIMEABORT("ReadbackManager: Task thread did not shutdown in 5 seconds.");

ReadbackManagerD3D10::PostTask(ID3D10Texture2D *aTexture, void *aUpdate, const gfxPoint &aOrigin)
  ReadbackTask *task = new ReadbackTask;
  task->mReadbackTexture = aTexture;
  task->mUpdate = *static_cast<ReadbackProcessor::Update*>(aUpdate);
  task->mOrigin = aOrigin;
  task->mLayer = task->mUpdate.mLayer;
  task->mBackgroundOffset = task->mLayer->GetBackgroundLayerOffset();


  ::ReleaseSemaphore(mTaskSemaphore, 1, NULL);

ReadbackManagerD3D10::QueryInterface(REFIID riid, void **ppvObject)
  if (!ppvObject) {
    return E_POINTER;

  if (riid == IID_IUnknown) {
    *ppvObject = this;
  } else {
    return E_NOINTERFACE;

  return S_OK;

    "ReadbackManagerD3D10 should only be refcounted on main thread.");
  return ++mRefCnt;

    "ReadbackManagerD3D10 should only be refcounted on main thread.");
  ULONG newRefCnt = --mRefCnt;
  if (!newRefCnt) {
    delete this;
  return newRefCnt;

  HANDLE handles[] = { mTaskSemaphore, mShutdownEvent };
  while (true) {
    DWORD result = ::WaitForMultipleObjects(2, handles, FALSE, INFINITE);
    if (result != WAIT_OBJECT_0) {

    if (mPendingReadbackTasks.Length() == 0) {
      NS_RUNTIMEABORT("Trying to read from an empty array, bad bad bad");
    ReadbackTask *nextReadbackTask = mPendingReadbackTasks[0].forget();

    // We want to block here until the texture contents are available, the
    // easiest thing is to simply map and unmap.
    D3D10_MAPPED_TEXTURE2D mappedTex;
    nextReadbackTask->mReadbackTexture->Map(0, D3D10_MAP_READ, 0, &mappedTex);

    // We can only send the update to the sink on the main thread, so post an
    // event there to do so. Ownership of the task is passed from
    // mPendingReadbackTasks to ReadbackResultWriter here.
    nsCOMPtr<nsIThread> thread = do_GetMainThread();
    thread->Dispatch(new ReadbackResultWriter(nextReadbackTask),