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Bug 1275297 - Create Visual Studio project files by default on Windows; r=glandium Now that the VisualStudio backend will no-op if nothing has changed, it should be safe to always run this backend. On first run, backend generation takes ~3.5s on my machine. On subsequent run, it takes ~1.5s. Wall time for a no-op config.status is now ~15.7s. We could like make the Visual Studio backend faster by not writing so many project files. But this would require consolidating libraries in files. And that's out of scope for this change. MozReview-Commit-ID: 5W38HMGmcuV

/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this file,
 * You can obtain one at */

#ifndef mozmemory_wrap_h
#define mozmemory_wrap_h

 * This header contains #defines which tweak the names of various memory
 * allocation functions.
 * There are several types of functions related to memory allocation
 * that are meant to be used publicly by the Gecko codebase:
 * - malloc implementation functions:
 *   - malloc
 *   - posix_memalign
 *   - aligned_alloc
 *   - calloc
 *   - realloc
 *   - free
 *   - memalign
 *   - valloc
 *   - malloc_usable_size
 *   - malloc_good_size
 *   Some of these functions are specific to some systems, but for
 *   convenience, they are treated as being cross-platform, and available
 *   as such.
 * - duplication functions:
 *   - strndup
 *   - strdup
 *   - wcsdup (Windows only)
 * - jemalloc specific functions:
 *   - jemalloc_stats
 *   - jemalloc_purge_freed_pages
 *   - jemalloc_free_dirty_pages
 *   (these functions are native to mozjemalloc, and have compatibility
 *   implementations for jemalloc3)
 * These functions are all exported as part of libmozglue (see
 * $(topsrcdir)/mozglue/build/, with a few implementation
 * peculiarities:
 * - On Windows, the malloc implementation functions are all prefixed with
 *   "je_", the duplication functions are prefixed with "wrap_", and jemalloc
 *   specific functions are left unprefixed. All these functions are however
 *   aliased when exporting them, such that the resulting mozglue.dll exports
 *   them unprefixed (see $(topsrcdir)/mozglue/build/ The
 *   prefixed malloc implementation and duplication functions are not
 *   exported.
 * - On MacOSX, the system libc has a zone allocator, which allows us to
 *   hook custom malloc implementation functions without exporting them.
 *   The malloc implementation functions are all prefixed with "je_" and used
 *   this way from the custom zone allocator. They are not exported.
 *   Duplication functions are not included, since they will call the custom
 *   zone allocator anyways. Jemalloc-specific functions are also left
 *   unprefixed.
 * - On Android and Gonk, all functions are left unprefixed. Additionally,
 *   C++ allocation functions (operator new/delete) are also exported and
 *   unprefixed.
 * - On other systems (mostly Linux), all functions are left unprefixed.
 * Only Android and Gonk add C++ allocation functions.
 * Proper exporting of the various functions is done with the MOZ_MEMORY_API
 * and MOZ_JEMALLOC_API macros. MOZ_MEMORY_API is meant to be used for malloc
 * implementation and duplication functions, while MOZ_JEMALLOC_API is
 * dedicated to jemalloc specific functions.
 * All these functions are meant to be called with no prefix from Gecko code.
 * In most cases, this is because that's how they are available at runtime.
 * However, on Android, this relies on faulty.lib (the custom dynamic linker)
 * resolving mozglue symbols before libc symbols, which is guaranteed by the
 * way faulty.lib works (it respects the DT_NEEDED order, and libc always
 * appears after mozglue ; which we double check when building anyways)
 * Within libmozglue (when MOZ_MEMORY_IMPL is defined), all the functions
 * should be suffixed with "_impl" both for declarations and use.
 * That is, the implementation declaration for e.g. strdup would look like:
 *   char* strdup_impl(const char *)
 * That implementation would call malloc by using "malloc_impl".
 * While mozjemalloc uses these "_impl" suffixed helpers, jemalloc3, being
 * third-party code, doesn't, but instead has an elaborate way to mangle
 * individual functions. See under "Run jemalloc configure script" in
 * $(topsrcdir)/
 * When building with replace-malloc support, the above still holds, but
 * the malloc implementation and jemalloc specific functions are the
 * replace-malloc functions from replace_malloc.c.
 * The actual jemalloc/mozjemalloc implementation is prefixed with "je_".
 * Thus, when MOZ_REPLACE_MALLOC is defined, the "_impl" suffixed macros
 * expand to "je_" prefixed function when building mozjemalloc or
 * jemalloc3/mozjemalloc_compat, where MOZ_JEMALLOC_IMPL is defined.
 * In other cases, the "_impl" suffixed macros follow the original scheme,
 * except on Windows and MacOSX, where they would expand to "je_" prefixed
 * functions. Instead, they are left unmodified (malloc_impl expands to
 * malloc_impl).

#ifndef MOZ_MEMORY
#  error Should only include mozmemory_wrap.h when MOZ_MEMORY is set.

#if defined(MOZ_JEMALLOC_IMPL) && !defined(MOZ_MEMORY_IMPL)
#if defined(MOZ_MEMORY_IMPL) && !defined(IMPL_MFBT)
#  ifdef MFBT_API /* mozilla/Types.h was already included */
#    error mozmemory_wrap.h has to be included before mozilla/Types.h when MOZ_MEMORY_IMPL is set and IMPL_MFBT is not.
#  endif
#  define IMPL_MFBT

#include "mozilla/Types.h"

#    if defined(MOZ_JEMALLOC_IMPL) && defined(MOZ_REPLACE_MALLOC) && !defined(MOZ_REPLACE_JEMALLOC)
#      define mozmem_malloc_impl(a)     je_ ## a
#      define mozmem_jemalloc_impl(a)   je_ ## a
#    else
#        define MOZ_MEMORY_API MFBT_API
#        define mozmem_malloc_impl(a)     replace_ ## a
#        define mozmem_jemalloc_impl(a)   replace_ ## a
#      elif (defined(XP_WIN) || defined(XP_DARWIN))
#        if defined(MOZ_REPLACE_MALLOC)
#          define mozmem_malloc_impl(a)   a ## _impl
#        else
#          define mozmem_malloc_impl(a)   je_ ## a
#        endif
#      else
#        define MOZ_MEMORY_API MFBT_API
#        if defined(MOZ_WIDGET_ANDROID) || defined(MOZ_WIDGET_GONK)
#          define MOZ_WRAP_NEW_DELETE
#        endif
#      endif
#    endif
#    ifdef XP_WIN
#      define mozmem_dup_impl(a)      wrap_ ## a
#    endif
#  endif

/* All other jemalloc3 functions are prefixed with "je_", except when
 * building against an unprefixed system jemalloc library */
#  define je_(a) je_ ## a
#else /* defined(MOZ_SYSTEM_JEMALLOC) */
#  define je_(a) a

#if !defined(MOZ_MEMORY_IMPL) || defined(MOZ_SYSTEM_JEMALLOC)

#  define MOZ_MEMORY_API

#ifndef mozmem_malloc_impl
#  define mozmem_malloc_impl(a)   a
#ifndef mozmem_dup_impl
#  define mozmem_dup_impl(a)      a
#ifndef mozmem_jemalloc_impl
#  define mozmem_jemalloc_impl(a) a

/* Malloc implementation functions */
#define malloc_impl              mozmem_malloc_impl(malloc)
#define posix_memalign_impl      mozmem_malloc_impl(posix_memalign)
#define aligned_alloc_impl       mozmem_malloc_impl(aligned_alloc)
#define calloc_impl              mozmem_malloc_impl(calloc)
#define realloc_impl             mozmem_malloc_impl(realloc)
#define free_impl                mozmem_malloc_impl(free)
#define memalign_impl            mozmem_malloc_impl(memalign)
#define valloc_impl              mozmem_malloc_impl(valloc)
#define malloc_usable_size_impl  mozmem_malloc_impl(malloc_usable_size)
#define malloc_good_size_impl    mozmem_malloc_impl(malloc_good_size)

/* Duplication functions */
#define strndup_impl   mozmem_dup_impl(strndup)
#define strdup_impl    mozmem_dup_impl(strdup)
#ifdef XP_WIN
#  define wcsdup_impl  mozmem_dup_impl(wcsdup)

/* String functions */
#ifdef ANDROID
/* Bug 801571 and Bug 879668, libstagefright uses vasprintf, causing malloc()/
 * free() to be mismatched between bionic and mozglue implementation.
#define vasprintf_impl  mozmem_dup_impl(vasprintf)
#define asprintf_impl   mozmem_dup_impl(asprintf)

/* Jemalloc specific function */
#define jemalloc_stats_impl              mozmem_jemalloc_impl(jemalloc_stats)
#define jemalloc_purge_freed_pages_impl  mozmem_jemalloc_impl(jemalloc_purge_freed_pages)
#define jemalloc_free_dirty_pages_impl   mozmem_jemalloc_impl(jemalloc_free_dirty_pages)

#endif /* mozmemory_wrap_h */