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Wed, 23 Jun 2010 14:06:15 -0400
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fix stupid reftest failure on Win64

== data:text/html,<body> about:blank
== data:text/plain, about:blank
!= data:text/plain,HELLO about:blank

# these tests make sure async reftests work:
== test-async.xul test-async-ref.xul
== test-async.html test-async-ref.html

# test that zoom works (and really zooms, not just scales)
== test-zoom.html test-zoom-ref.html

# make sure we don't fall over if the root is missing
== no-root.html about:blank

# Makes sure that the file: protocol handler and HTTP server both
# choose HTML vs. XHTML processing based on the file extensions.
!= html-vs-xhtml-by-extension.html html-vs-xhtml-by-extension.xhtml
HTTP != html-vs-xhtml-by-extension.html html-vs-xhtml-by-extension.xhtml

# make sure red and green colors are not the default and are different from
# each other
!= green.html default.html
!= green.html red.html
!= red.html default.html

# Make sure about:blank works, even via HTTP.
== blank.html about:blank
== about:blank blank.html
HTTP == blank.html about:blank
HTTP == about:blank blank.html
# same for data:
== default.html data:text/html,<div>Text</div>
== data:text/html,<div>Text</div> default.html
HTTP == default.html data:text/html,<div>Text</div>
HTTP == data:text/html,<div>Text</div> default.html
!= blank.html default.html
HTTP != blank.html default.html

HTTP(..) == filter-1.xhtml filter-1-ref.xhtml
HTTP(..) == filter-2.xhtml filter-2-ref.xhtml

# test that the MozReftestInvalidate event fires
== invalidation.html about:blank
== zoom-invalidation.html zoom-invalidation-ref.html

# test that xulRuntime.OS works
fails-if(xulRuntime.OS!="Linux") == data:text/html,<body>Linux data:text/html,<script>document.write(navigator.platform.substr(0,5))</script>
fails-if(xulRuntime.OS!="WINNT") == data:text/html,<body>Win data:text/html,<script>document.write(navigator.platform.substr(0,3))</script>
fails-if(xulRuntime.OS!="Darwin") == data:text/html,<body>Mac data:text/html,<script>document.write(navigator.platform.substr(0,3))</script>

# test parsing of asserts() expressions
asserts(0) load about:blank
asserts(0-5) load about:blank
asserts-if(true,0) load about:blank
asserts-if(false,7) load about:blank
asserts-if(true,0-4) load about:blank
asserts-if(false,6-8) load about:blank

# test that <div> is display:block
== div.html div-ref.html

# test script keyword
include scripttests.list

# test url-prefix
include urlprefixtests.list