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Bug 1314254 - Add mozilla::ipc::IPCResult type and convert IPDL handlers to use new return type. r=billm We will use the new type for the generated IPDL message handler prototype to make sure correct error handling method is called. MozReview-Commit-ID: AzVbApxFGZ0

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#include "mozilla/dom/PExternalHelperAppParent.h"
#include "nsIChannel.h"
#include "nsIMultiPartChannel.h"
#include "nsIResumableChannel.h"
#include "nsIStreamListener.h"
#include "nsHashPropertyBag.h"
#include "PrivateBrowsingChannel.h"

namespace IPC {
class URI;
} // namespace IPC

namespace mozilla {

namespace ipc {
class OptionalURIParams;
} // namespace ipc

namespace net {
class PChannelDiverterParent;
} // namespace net

namespace dom {

class ContentParent;
class PBrowserParent;

class ExternalHelperAppParent : public PExternalHelperAppParent
                              , public nsHashPropertyBag
                              , public nsIChannel
                              , public nsIMultiPartChannel
                              , public nsIResumableChannel
                              , public nsIStreamListener
                              , public net::PrivateBrowsingChannel<ExternalHelperAppParent>
    typedef mozilla::ipc::OptionalURIParams OptionalURIParams;


    mozilla::ipc::IPCResult RecvOnStartRequest(const nsCString& entityID) override;
    mozilla::ipc::IPCResult RecvOnDataAvailable(const nsCString& data,
                                                const uint64_t& offset,
                                                const uint32_t& count) override;
    mozilla::ipc::IPCResult RecvOnStopRequest(const nsresult& code) override;

    mozilla::ipc::IPCResult RecvDivertToParentUsing(PChannelDiverterParent* diverter) override;

    ExternalHelperAppParent(const OptionalURIParams& uri, const int64_t& contentLength);
    void Init(ContentParent *parent,
              const nsCString& aMimeContentType,
              const nsCString& aContentDisposition,
              const uint32_t& aContentDispositionHint,
              const nsString& aContentDispositionFilename,
              const bool& aForceSave,
              const OptionalURIParams& aReferrer,
              PBrowserParent* aBrowser);

  virtual ~ExternalHelperAppParent();

  virtual void ActorDestroy(ActorDestroyReason why) override;
  void Delete();

  nsCOMPtr<nsIStreamListener> mListener;
  nsCOMPtr<nsIURI> mURI;
  bool mPending;
#ifdef DEBUG
  bool mDiverted;
  bool mIPCClosed;
  nsLoadFlags mLoadFlags;
  nsresult mStatus;
  int64_t mContentLength;
  uint32_t mContentDisposition;
  nsString mContentDispositionFilename;
  nsCString mContentDispositionHeader;
  nsCString mEntityID;

} // namespace dom
} // namespace mozilla