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Bug 1371465 - Move MSVS_VERSION to moz.configure and properly define for vs2017; r=glandium Before, MSVS was set in old-configure and could only be unset or "2015." We move the definition of the variable to moz.configure and support defining its value as "2017" when VS2017 is being used. As part of this, I discovered that GYP barfs with a "2017" value. This is likely a limitation of the legacy version of GYP we have vendored. Rather than go down the rabbit hole of upgrading GYP, I added code to convert the value to "2015." This preserves existing behavior and unblocks us from setting MSVS_VERSION properly. A warning is emitted to remind us to remove this hack once GYP is upgraded. After this commit, we now generate native VS2017 solutions and projects when building with VS2017. MozReview-Commit-ID: BvNJX3F8qCn

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#ifndef js_WeakMapPtr_h
#define js_WeakMapPtr_h

#include "jspubtd.h"

#include "js/TypeDecls.h"

namespace JS {

// A wrapper around the internal C++ representation of SpiderMonkey WeakMaps,
// usable outside the engine.
// The supported template specializations are enumerated in WeakMapPtr.cpp. If
// you want to use this class for a different key/value combination, add it to
// the list and the compiler will generate the relevant machinery.
template <typename K, typename V>
class JS_PUBLIC_API(WeakMapPtr)
    WeakMapPtr() : ptr(nullptr) {}
    bool init(JSContext* cx);
    bool initialized() { return ptr != nullptr; }
    void destroy();
    virtual ~WeakMapPtr() { MOZ_ASSERT(!initialized()); }
    void trace(JSTracer* tracer);

    V lookup(const K& key);
    bool put(JSContext* cx, const K& key, const V& value);

    void* ptr;

    // WeakMapPtr is neither copyable nor assignable.
    WeakMapPtr(const WeakMapPtr& wmp) = delete;
    WeakMapPtr& operator=(const WeakMapPtr& wmp) = delete;

} /* namespace JS */

#endif  /* js_WeakMapPtr_h */