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Bug 1322780 - Part 2: Support unprefixed min-content and max-content. r=mats,emilio Support unprefixed min-content and max-content and treat the prefixed version as aliases for 1. width, min-width, max-width if inline-axis is horizontal, and 2. height, min-height, max-height if inline-axis is vertical, and 3. inline-size, min-inline-size, max-inline-size, and 4. flex-basis. Besides, update the test cases to use unprefixed max-content and min-content. Depends on D7535 Differential Revision:

<html style="-moz-transform:rotate(5deg);width:max-content"><div style="letter-spacing:-4.59pt;overflow:auto;white-space:pre;text-shadow:-125396in -1in blue;-moz-column-count:15;text-indent:4.64%;direction:rtl">