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Bug 1305145 - Make libs and flags set by pkg_check_modules available to the caller. r=glandium MozReview-Commit-ID: 7uZheAOXKwE

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#ifndef mozilla_mscom_Registration_h
#define mozilla_mscom_Registration_h

#include "mozilla/RefPtr.h"
#include "mozilla/UniquePtr.h"

#include <objbase.h>

struct ITypeInfo;
struct ITypeLib;

namespace mozilla {
namespace mscom {

 * Assumptions:
 * (1) The DLL exports GetProxyDllInfo. This is not exported by default; it must
 *     be specified in the EXPORTS section of the DLL's module definition file.
class RegisteredProxy
  RegisteredProxy(uintptr_t aModule, IUnknown* aClassObject,
                  uint32_t aRegCookie, ITypeLib* aTypeLib);
  explicit RegisteredProxy(ITypeLib* aTypeLib);
  RegisteredProxy(RegisteredProxy&& aOther);
  RegisteredProxy& operator=(RegisteredProxy&& aOther);


  HRESULT GetTypeInfoForInterface(REFIID aIid, ITypeInfo** aOutTypeInfo) const;

  static bool Find(REFIID aIid, ITypeInfo** aOutTypeInfo);

  RegisteredProxy() = delete;
  RegisteredProxy(RegisteredProxy&) = delete;
  RegisteredProxy& operator=(RegisteredProxy&) = delete;

  static void AddToRegistry(RegisteredProxy* aProxy);
  static void DeleteFromRegistry(RegisteredProxy* aProxy);

  // Not using Windows types here: We shouldn't #include windows.h
  // since it might pull in COM code which we want to do very carefully in
  // Registration.cpp.
  uintptr_t mModule;
  IUnknown* mClassObject;
  uint32_t  mRegCookie;
  ITypeLib* mTypeLib;
  bool      mIsRegisteredInMTA;

enum class RegistrationFlags

// For DLL files. Assumes corresponding TLB is embedded in resources.
UniquePtr<RegisteredProxy> RegisterProxy(const wchar_t* aLeafName,
                                         RegistrationFlags aFlags =
// For standalone TLB files.
UniquePtr<RegisteredProxy> RegisterTypelib(const wchar_t* aLeafName,
                                           RegistrationFlags aFlags =

 * The COM interceptor uses type library information to build its interface
 * proxies. Unfortunately type libraries do not encode size_is and length_is
 * annotations that have been specified in IDL. This structure allows us to
 * explicitly declare such relationships so that the COM interceptor may
 * be made aware of them.
struct ArrayData
  ArrayData(REFIID aIid, ULONG aMethodIndex, ULONG aArrayParamIndex,
            VARTYPE aArrayParamType, REFIID aArrayParamIid,
            ULONG aLengthParamIndex)
    : mIid(aIid)
    , mMethodIndex(aMethodIndex)
    , mArrayParamIndex(aArrayParamIndex)
    , mArrayParamType(aArrayParamType)
    , mArrayParamIid(aArrayParamIid)
    , mLengthParamIndex(aLengthParamIndex)
  ArrayData(const ArrayData& aOther)
    *this = aOther;
  ArrayData& operator=(const ArrayData& aOther)
    mIid = aOther.mIid;
    mMethodIndex = aOther.mMethodIndex;
    mArrayParamIndex = aOther.mArrayParamIndex;
    mArrayParamType = aOther.mArrayParamType;
    mArrayParamIid = aOther.mArrayParamIid;
    mLengthParamIndex = aOther.mLengthParamIndex;
    return *this;
  IID     mIid;
  ULONG   mMethodIndex;
  ULONG   mArrayParamIndex;
  VARTYPE mArrayParamType;
  IID     mArrayParamIid;
  ULONG   mLengthParamIndex;

void RegisterArrayData(const ArrayData* aArrayData, size_t aLength);

template <size_t N>
inline void
RegisterArrayData(const ArrayData (&aData)[N])
  RegisterArrayData(aData, N);

const ArrayData*
FindArrayData(REFIID aIid, ULONG aMethodIndex);

} // namespace mscom
} // namespace mozilla

#endif // mozilla_mscom_Registration_h