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Bug 1511955 - Don't traverse into children without hypertext interfaces. r=Jamie This prevents an infinite loop where we go into a child only to find the nearest hypertext accessible being its parent. Differential Revision:

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <title>Pivot test document</title>
  <meta charset="utf-8" />
  <div id="start-block">This is the very beginning.</div>
  <p id="paragraph-1">
  This <b>is</b> <a id="p1-link-1" href="#">the</a> test of text.
  <div id="section-1">A <a id="s1-link-1" href="#">multiword link</a> is here. <a id="s1-link-2" href="#">We</a> will traverse</div>
  <div id="section-2">into, out, and between the subtrees.</div>
  <p id="paragraph-2">Singularity.</p>
      <td id="cell-1">Magical</td>
      <td id="cell-2">unicorns</td>
      <td id="cell-3">and wizards</td>
      <td id="cell-4">really exist.</td>
  <div id="section-3">Endless fun!</div>
  <p id="paragraph-3">Objects<a id="p3-link-1" href="#">adjacent</a>to <a id="p3-link-2" href="#">each</a><a id="p3-link-3" href="#">other</a> should be separate.</p>
  <p id="paragraph-4">Hello <strong>real</strong><a href="#"> world</p>
  <a href="#" id="image-desc-link">
    <img src="../moz.png" alt="">Hello
  <div id="end-block">End!</div>