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Bug 1144055 - Upgrade Firefox 39 to use NSS 3.19, land NSS_3_19_BETA3, r=nss-confcall

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIFile;

 * This interface provides a means for enumerating the contents of a directory.
 * It is similar to nsISimpleEnumerator except the retrieved entries are QI'ed 
 * to nsIFile, and there is a mechanism for closing the directory when the 
 * enumeration is complete.
[scriptable, uuid(31f7f4ae-6916-4f2d-a81e-926a4e3022ee)]
interface nsIDirectoryEnumerator : nsISupports
   * Retrieves the next file in the sequence. The "nextFile" element is the 
   * first element upon the first call. This attribute is null if there is no 
   * next element.
  readonly attribute nsIFile nextFile;

   * Closes the directory being enumerated, releasing the system resource.
   * @throws NS_OK if the call succeeded and the directory was closed.
   *         NS_ERROR_FAILURE if the directory close failed. 
   *         It is safe to call this function many times. 
  void close();