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Bug 1144055 - Upgrade Firefox 39 to use NSS 3.19, land NSS_3_19_BETA3, r=nss-confcall

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// This namespace contains methods with Obj-C/Cocoa implementations. The header
// is C/C++ for inclusion in C/C++-only files.

#ifndef CocoaFileUtils_h_
#define CocoaFileUtils_h_

#include "nscore.h"
#include <CoreFoundation/CoreFoundation.h>

namespace CocoaFileUtils {

nsresult RevealFileInFinder(CFURLRef aUrl);
nsresult OpenURL(CFURLRef aUrl);
nsresult GetFileCreatorCode(CFURLRef aUrl, OSType* aCreatorCode);
nsresult SetFileCreatorCode(CFURLRef aUrl, OSType aCreatorCode);
nsresult GetFileTypeCode(CFURLRef aUrl, OSType* aTypeCode);
nsresult SetFileTypeCode(CFURLRef aUrl, OSType aTypeCode);

} // namespace CocoaFileUtils