author Florian Queze <>
Fri, 14 Apr 2017 21:51:38 +0200
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Bug 1356569 - Remove addObserver's last parameter when it is false, r=jaws.


    '-Wno-reserved-id-macro', # NSPR and NSS use reserved IDs in their include guards.
    '-Wno-shadow', # XXX: Clang's rules are too strict for constructors.
    '-Wno-weak-vtables', # We rely on the linker to merge the duplicate vtables.
elif CONFIG['_MSC_VER']:
    '-sdl', # Enable additional security checks based on Microsoft's SDL.


    '-wd4464', # relative include path contains '..'
    '-wd4514', # 'function': unreferenced inline function has been removed
    '-wd4668', # warning C4668: 'X' is not defined as a preprocessor macro,
               # replacing with '0' for '#if/#elif'.
    '-wd4710', # 'function': function not inlined
    '-wd4711', # function 'function' selected for inline expansion
    '-wd4800', # forcing value to bool 'true' or 'false'
    '-wd4820', # 'bytes' bytes padding added after construct 'member_name'

    # XXX: We cannot use /Za (Disable Microsoft Extensions) because windows.h
    # won't copmile with it.
    '-Zc:forScope', # Standard C++ rules for variable scope in for loops.
    '-Zc:inline', # Standard C++ rules requiring definition inline functions.
    '-Zc:rvalueCast', # Standard C++ rules for result of cast being an rvalue.
    '-Zc:strictStrings', # Standard C++ rule that string literals are const.