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Bug 1460617, land NSS 30a4b03cd9d1 UPGRADE_NSS_RELEASE, r=me

FROM ubuntu:xenial

MAINTAINER Franziskus Kiefer <>
# Based on the HACL* image from Benjamin Beurdouche and
# the original F* formula with Daniel Fabian

# Pinned versions of HACL* (F* and KreMLin are pinned as submodules)
ENV haclrepo

# Define versions of dependencies
ENV opamv 4.05.0
ENV haclversion 1da331f9ef30e13269e45ae73bbe4a4bca679ae6

# Install required packages and set versions
ADD /tmp/
RUN bash /tmp/

# Create user, add scripts.
RUN useradd -ms /bin/bash worker
WORKDIR /home/worker
ADD bin /home/worker/bin
RUN chmod +x /home/worker/bin/*
USER worker

# Build F*, HACL*, verify. Install a few more dependencies.
ENV PATH "/home/worker/hacl-star/dependencies/z3/bin:$PATH"
ADD /tmp/
ADD license.txt /tmp/license.txt
RUN bash /tmp/