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Bug 1293733: accept pushdate from command line; r=garndt MozReview-Commit-ID: BrGiowlMVCa


Task-graph generation takes a collection of parameters as input, in the form of
a JSON or YAML file.

During decision-task processing, some of these parameters are supplied on the
command line or by environment variables.  The decision task helpfully produces
a full parameters file as one of its output artifacts.  The other ``mach
taskgraph`` commands can take this file as input.  This can be very helpful
when working on a change to the task graph.

The properties of the parameters object are described here, divided rougly by

Push Information

   The repository from which to do an initial clone, utilizing any available

   The repository containing the changeset to be built.  This may differ from
   ``base_repository`` in cases where ``base_repository`` is likely to be cached
   and only a few additional commits are needed from ``head_repository``.

   The revision to check out; this can be a short revision string

   For Mercurial repositories, this is the same as ``head_rev``.  For
   git repositories, which do not allow pulling explicit revisions, this gives
   the symbolic ref containing ``head_rev`` that should be pulled from

   Email address indicating the person who made the push.  Note that this
   value may be forged and *must not* be relied on for authentication.

   The commit message

   The ID from the ``hg.mozilla.org`` pushlog

   The timestamp of the push to the repository that triggered this decision
   task.  Expressed as an integer seconds since the UNIX epoch.

Tree Information

   Another name for what may otherwise be called tree or branch or
   repository.  This is the unqualified name, such as ``mozilla-central`` or

   The SCM level associated with this tree.  This dictates the names
   of resources used in the generated tasks, and those tasks will fail if it
   is incorrect.

Target Set

The "target set" is the set of task labels which must be included in a task
graph.  The task graph generation process will include any tasks required by
those in the target set, recursively.  In a decision task, this set can be
specified programmatically using one of a variety of methods (e.g., parsing try
syntax or reading a project-specific configuration file).

The decision task writes its task set to the ``target_tasks.json`` artifact,
and this can be copied into ``parameters.target_tasks`` and
``parameters.target_tasks_method`` set to ``"from_parameters"`` for debugging
with other ``mach taskgraph`` commands.

   (optional) The method to use to determine the target task set.  This is the
   suffix of one of the functions in ``tascluster/taskgraph/target_tasks.py``.
   If omitted, all tasks are targeted.

   (optional) The target set method ``from_parameters`` reads the target set, as
   a list of task labels, from this parameter.

   (optional; default True) If true, then target tasks are eligible for