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Bug 916704 - Always initialize SVGTextContentPaint::Paint and check SetupCairoState return value in nsSVGTextFrame2::PaintSVG. r=longsonr

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/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 * file, You can obtain one at */


#include "mozilla/Attributes.h"
#include "gfxFont.h"
#include "gfxSVGGlyphs.h"
#include "nsISVGChildFrame.h"
#include "nsISVGGlyphFragmentNode.h"
#include "nsSVGGeometryFrame.h"
#include "nsSVGUtils.h"
#include "nsTextFragment.h"

class CharacterIterator;
class gfxContext;
class nsDisplaySVGGlyphs;
class nsRenderingContext;
class nsSVGGlyphFrame;
class nsSVGTextFrame;
class nsSVGTextPathFrame;
class gfxTextContextPaint;

struct CharacterPosition;

namespace mozilla {

namespace dom {
class SVGIRect;

// Slightly horrible callback for deferring application of opacity
struct SVGTextContextPaint : public gfxTextContextPaint {
  already_AddRefed<gfxPattern> GetFillPattern(float aOpacity,
                                              const gfxMatrix& aCTM) MOZ_OVERRIDE;
  already_AddRefed<gfxPattern> GetStrokePattern(float aOpacity,
                                                const gfxMatrix& aCTM) MOZ_OVERRIDE;

  void SetFillOpacity(float aOpacity) { mFillOpacity = aOpacity; }
  float GetFillOpacity() MOZ_OVERRIDE { return mFillOpacity; }

  void SetStrokeOpacity(float aOpacity) { mStrokeOpacity = aOpacity; }
  float GetStrokeOpacity() MOZ_OVERRIDE { return mStrokeOpacity; }

  struct Paint {
    Paint() : mPaintType(eStyleSVGPaintType_None) {}

    void SetPaintServer(nsIFrame *aFrame, const gfxMatrix& aContextMatrix,
                        nsSVGPaintServerFrame *aPaintServerFrame) {
      mPaintType = eStyleSVGPaintType_Server;
      mPaintDefinition.mPaintServerFrame = aPaintServerFrame;
      mFrame = aFrame;
      mContextMatrix = aContextMatrix;

    void SetColor(const nscolor &aColor) {
      mPaintType = eStyleSVGPaintType_Color;
      mPaintDefinition.mColor = aColor;

    void SetContextPaint(gfxTextContextPaint *aContextPaint,
                         nsStyleSVGPaintType aPaintType) {
      NS_ASSERTION(aPaintType == eStyleSVGPaintType_ContextFill ||
                   aPaintType == eStyleSVGPaintType_ContextStroke,
                   "Invalid context paint type");
      mPaintType = aPaintType;
      mPaintDefinition.mContextPaint = aContextPaint;

    union {
      nsSVGPaintServerFrame *mPaintServerFrame;
      gfxTextContextPaint *mContextPaint;
      nscolor mColor;
    } mPaintDefinition;

    nsIFrame *mFrame;
    // CTM defining the user space for the pattern we will use.
    gfxMatrix mContextMatrix;
    nsStyleSVGPaintType mPaintType;

    // Device-space-to-pattern-space
    gfxMatrix mPatternMatrix;
    nsRefPtrHashtable<nsFloatHashKey, gfxPattern> mPatternCache;

    already_AddRefed<gfxPattern> GetPattern(float aOpacity,
                                            nsStyleSVGPaint nsStyleSVG::*aFillOrStroke,
                                            const gfxMatrix& aCTM);

  Paint mFillPaint;
  Paint mStrokePaint;

  float mFillOpacity;
  float mStrokeOpacity;

} // namespace mozilla

using namespace mozilla;

typedef gfxFont::DrawMode DrawMode;

typedef nsSVGGeometryFrame nsSVGGlyphFrameBase;

class nsSVGGlyphFrame : public nsSVGGlyphFrameBase,
                        public nsISVGGlyphFragmentNode,
                        public nsISVGChildFrame
  class AutoCanvasTMForMarker;
  friend class AutoCanvasTMForMarker;
  friend class CharacterIterator;
  friend nsIFrame*
  NS_NewSVGGlyphFrame(nsIPresShell* aPresShell, nsStyleContext* aContext);
  nsSVGGlyphFrame(nsStyleContext* aContext)
    : nsSVGGlyphFrameBase(aContext),


  // These do not use the global transform if NS_STATE_NONDISPLAY_CHILD
  nsresult GetStartPositionOfChar(uint32_t charnum, nsISupports **_retval);
  nsresult GetEndPositionOfChar(uint32_t charnum, nsISupports **_retval);
  nsresult GetExtentOfChar(uint32_t charnum, dom::SVGIRect **_retval);
  nsresult GetRotationOfChar(uint32_t charnum, float *_retval);
   * @param aForceGlobalTransform controls whether to use the
   * global transform even when NS_STATE_NONDISPLAY_CHILD
  float GetAdvance(bool aForceGlobalTransform);

  void SetGlyphPosition(gfxPoint *aPosition, bool aForceGlobalTransform);
  nsSVGTextPathFrame* FindTextPathParent();
  bool IsStartOfChunk(); // == is new absolutely positioned chunk.

  void GetXY(mozilla::SVGUserUnitList *aX, mozilla::SVGUserUnitList *aY);
  void SetStartIndex(uint32_t aStartIndex);
   * Returns inherited x and y values instead of parent element's attribute
   * values.
  void GetEffectiveXY(int32_t strLength,
                      nsTArray<float> &aX, nsTArray<float> &aY);
   * Returns inherited dx and dy values instead of parent element's attribute
   * values.
  void GetEffectiveDxDy(int32_t strLength, 
                        nsTArray<float> &aDx,
                        nsTArray<float> &aDy);
   * Returns inherited rotate values instead of parent element's attribute
   * values.
  void GetEffectiveRotate(int32_t strLength,
                          nsTArray<float> &aRotate);
  uint16_t GetTextAnchor();
  bool IsAbsolutelyPositioned();
  bool IsTextEmpty() const {
    return mContent->GetText()->GetLength() == 0;
  void SetTrimLeadingWhitespace(bool aTrimLeadingWhitespace) {
    if (mTrimLeadingWhitespace != aTrimLeadingWhitespace) {
      mTrimLeadingWhitespace = aTrimLeadingWhitespace;
  void SetTrimTrailingWhitespace(bool aTrimTrailingWhitespace) {
    if (mTrimTrailingWhitespace != aTrimTrailingWhitespace) {
      mTrimTrailingWhitespace = aTrimTrailingWhitespace;
  bool EndsWithWhitespace() const;
  bool IsAllWhitespace() const;

  // nsIFrame interface:
  NS_IMETHOD  CharacterDataChanged(CharacterDataChangeInfo* aInfo) MOZ_OVERRIDE;

  virtual void DidSetStyleContext(nsStyleContext* aOldStyleContext) MOZ_OVERRIDE;

  virtual void Init(nsIContent*      aContent,
                    nsIFrame*        aParent,
                    nsIFrame*        aPrevInFlow) MOZ_OVERRIDE;

   * Get the "type" of the frame
   * @see nsGkAtoms::svgGlyphFrame
  virtual nsIAtom* GetType() const MOZ_OVERRIDE;

  virtual bool IsFrameOfType(uint32_t aFlags) const MOZ_OVERRIDE
    // Set the frame state bit for text frames to mark them as replaced.
    // XXX kipp: temporary

    return nsSVGGlyphFrameBase::IsFrameOfType(aFlags & ~(nsIFrame::eReplaced));

#ifdef DEBUG
  NS_IMETHOD GetFrameName(nsAString& aResult) const MOZ_OVERRIDE
    return MakeFrameName(NS_LITERAL_STRING("SVGGlyph"), aResult);

  virtual void BuildDisplayList(nsDisplayListBuilder*   aBuilder,
                                const nsRect&           aDirtyRect,
                                const nsDisplayListSet& aLists) MOZ_OVERRIDE;

  // nsISVGChildFrame interface:
  // These four always use the global transform, even if NS_STATE_NONDISPLAY_CHILD
  NS_IMETHOD PaintSVG(nsRenderingContext *aContext,
                      const nsIntRect *aDirtyRect,
                      nsIFrame* aTransformRoot = nullptr) MOZ_OVERRIDE;
  NS_IMETHOD_(nsIFrame*) GetFrameForPoint(const nsPoint &aPoint) MOZ_OVERRIDE;
  virtual SVGBBox GetBBoxContribution(const gfxMatrix &aToBBoxUserspace,
                                      uint32_t aFlags) MOZ_OVERRIDE;

  NS_IMETHOD_(nsRect) GetCoveredRegion() MOZ_OVERRIDE;
  virtual void ReflowSVG() MOZ_OVERRIDE;
  virtual void NotifySVGChanged(uint32_t aFlags) MOZ_OVERRIDE;
  NS_IMETHOD_(bool) IsDisplayContainer() MOZ_OVERRIDE { return false; }

  // nsSVGGeometryFrame methods
  gfxMatrix GetCanvasTM(uint32_t aFor,
                        nsIFrame* aTransformRoot = nullptr) MOZ_OVERRIDE;

  // nsISVGGlyphFragmentNode interface:
  // These do not use the global transform if NS_STATE_NONDISPLAY_CHILD
  virtual uint32_t GetNumberOfChars() MOZ_OVERRIDE;
  virtual float GetComputedTextLength() MOZ_OVERRIDE;
  virtual float GetSubStringLength(uint32_t charnum, uint32_t fragmentChars) MOZ_OVERRIDE;
  virtual int32_t GetCharNumAtPosition(mozilla::nsISVGPoint *point) MOZ_OVERRIDE;
  NS_IMETHOD_(nsSVGGlyphFrame *) GetFirstGlyphFrame() MOZ_OVERRIDE;
  NS_IMETHOD_(nsSVGGlyphFrame *) GetNextGlyphFrame() MOZ_OVERRIDE;
  NS_IMETHOD_(void) SetWhitespaceCompression(bool aCompressWhitespace) MOZ_OVERRIDE {
    if (mCompressWhitespace != aCompressWhitespace) {
      mCompressWhitespace = aCompressWhitespace;

   * This class exists purely because it would be too messy to pass the "for"
   * flag for GetCanvasTM through the call chains to the GetCanvasTM() call in
   * EnsureTextRun.
  class AutoCanvasTMForMarker {
    AutoCanvasTMForMarker(nsSVGGlyphFrame *aFrame, uint32_t aFor)
      : mFrame(aFrame)
      mOldFor = mFrame->mGetCanvasTMForFlag;
      mFrame->mGetCanvasTMForFlag = aFor;
      // Default
      mFrame->mGetCanvasTMForFlag = mOldFor;
    nsSVGGlyphFrame *mFrame;
    uint32_t mOldFor;

  // Use a power of 2 here. It's not so important to match
  // nsDeviceContext::AppUnitsPerDevPixel, but since we do a lot of
  // multiplying by 1/GetTextRunUnitsFactor, it's good for it to be a
  // power of 2 to avoid accuracy loss.
  static int32_t GetTextRunUnitsFactor() { return 64; }

   * @aParam aDrawScale font drawing must be scaled into user units
   * by this factor
   * @param aMetricsScale font metrics must be scaled into user units
   * by this factor
   * @param aForceGlobalTransform set to true if we should force use of
   * the global transform; otherwise we won't use the global transform
   * if we're a NONDISPLAY_CHILD
  bool EnsureTextRun(float *aDrawScale, float *aMetricsScale,
                       bool aForceGlobalTransform);
  void ClearTextRun();

  bool GetCharacterData(nsAString & aCharacterData);
  bool GetCharacterPositions(nsTArray<CharacterPosition>* aCharacterPositions,
                               float aMetricsScale);
  uint32_t GetTextRunFlags(uint32_t strLength);

  void AddCharactersToPath(CharacterIterator *aIter,
                           gfxContext *aContext);
  void AddBoundingBoxesToPath(CharacterIterator *aIter,
                              gfxContext *aContext);
  void DrawCharacters(CharacterIterator *aIter,
                      gfxContext *aContext,
                      DrawMode aDrawMode,
                      gfxTextContextPaint *aContextPaint = nullptr);

  void NotifyGlyphMetricsChange();
  void SetupGlobalTransform(gfxContext *aContext, uint32_t aFor,
                            nsIFrame* aTransformRoot = nullptr);
  float GetSubStringAdvance(uint32_t charnum, uint32_t fragmentChars,
                            float aMetricsScale);
  gfxFloat GetBaselineOffset(float aMetricsScale);

  virtual void GetDxDy(SVGUserUnitList *aDx, SVGUserUnitList *aDy);
  virtual const SVGNumberList *GetRotate();

  // Used to support GetBBoxContribution by making GetConvasTM use this as the
  // parent transform instead of the real CanvasTM.
  nsAutoPtr<gfxMatrix> mOverrideCanvasTM;

  // Owning pointer, must call gfxTextRunWordCache::RemoveTextRun before deleting
  gfxTextRun *mTextRun;
  gfxPoint mPosition;
  // The start index into the position and rotation data
  uint32_t mStartIndex;
  uint32_t mGetCanvasTMForFlag;
  bool mCompressWhitespace;
  bool mTrimLeadingWhitespace;
  bool mTrimTrailingWhitespace;

  DrawMode SetupCairoState(gfxContext *aContext,
                           gfxTextContextPaint *aOuterContextPaint,
                           gfxTextContextPaint **aThisContextPaint);

   * Sets up the stroke style in |aContext| and stores stroke pattern
   * information in |aThisContextPaint|.
  bool SetupCairoStroke(gfxContext *aContext,
                        gfxTextContextPaint *aOuterContextPaint,
                        SVGTextContextPaint *aThisContextPaint);

   * Sets up the fill style in |aContext| and stores fill pattern information
   * in |aThisContextPaint|.
  bool SetupCairoFill(gfxContext *aContext,
                      gfxTextContextPaint *aOuterContextPaint,
                      SVGTextContextPaint *aThisContextPaint);

   * Sets the current pattern to the fill or stroke style of the outer text
   * context. Will also set the paint opacity to transparent if the paint is set
   * to "none".
  bool SetupContextPaint(gfxContext *aContext,
                        nsStyleSVGPaint nsStyleSVG::*aFillOrStroke,
                        float& aOpacity,
                        gfxTextContextPaint *aContextPaint);

   * Stores in |aTargetPaint| information on how to reconstruct the current
   * fill or stroke pattern. Will also set the paint opacity to transparent if
   * the paint is set to "none".
   * @param aOuterContextPaint pattern information from the outer text context
   * @param aTargetPaint where to store the current pattern information
   * @param aFillOrStroke member pointer to the paint we are setting up
   * @param aProperty the frame property descriptor of the fill or stroke paint
   *   server frame
  void SetupInheritablePaint(gfxContext *aContext,
                             float& aOpacity,
                             gfxTextContextPaint *aOuterContextPaint,
                             SVGTextContextPaint::Paint& aTargetPaint,
                             nsStyleSVGPaint nsStyleSVG::*aFillOrStroke,
                             const FramePropertyDescriptor *aProperty);