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/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this file,
 * You can obtain one at */

 * IPC Transaction protocol for the WebAuthn DOM API. This IPC protocol allows
 * the content process to call to the parent to access hardware for
 * authentication registration and challenges. All transactions start in the
 * child process, and the parent replies with a "Confirm*" message, or a
 * "Cancel" message if there was an error (no hardware available, no registered
 * keys, etc) or interruption (another transaction was started in another
 * content process). Similarly, the content process can also request a cancel,
 * either triggered explicitly by the user/script or due to UI events like
 * selecting a different tab.

include protocol PBackground;

namespace mozilla {
namespace dom {

struct WebAuthnAuthenticatorSelection {
  bool requireResidentKey;
  bool requireUserVerification;
  bool requirePlatformAttachment;

struct WebAuthnScopedCredential {
  uint8_t[] id;
  uint8_t transports;

struct WebAuthnExtensionAppId {
  uint8_t[] AppId;

union WebAuthnExtension {

struct WebAuthnExtensionResultAppId {
  bool AppId;

union WebAuthnExtensionResult {

struct WebAuthnMakeCredentialInfo {
  nsString Origin;
  uint8_t[] RpIdHash;
  uint8_t[] ClientDataHash;
  uint32_t TimeoutMS;
  WebAuthnScopedCredential[] ExcludeList;
  WebAuthnExtension[] Extensions;
  WebAuthnAuthenticatorSelection AuthenticatorSelection;
  bool RequestDirectAttestation;

struct WebAuthnMakeCredentialResult {
  uint8_t[] RegBuffer;
  bool DirectAttestationPermitted;

struct WebAuthnGetAssertionInfo {
  nsString Origin;
  uint8_t[] RpIdHash;
  uint8_t[] ClientDataHash;
  uint32_t TimeoutMS;
  WebAuthnScopedCredential[] AllowList;
  bool RequireUserVerification;
  WebAuthnExtension[] Extensions;

struct WebAuthnGetAssertionResult {
  uint8_t[] RpIdHash;
  uint8_t[] CredentialID;
  uint8_t[] SigBuffer;
  WebAuthnExtensionResult[] Extensions;

async protocol PWebAuthnTransaction {
  manager PBackground;

    async RequestRegister(uint64_t aTransactionId, WebAuthnMakeCredentialInfo aTransactionInfo);
    async RequestSign(uint64_t aTransactionId, WebAuthnGetAssertionInfo aTransactionInfo);
    async RequestCancel(uint64_t aTransactionId);
    async DestroyMe();

    async __delete__();
    async ConfirmRegister(uint64_t aTransactionId, WebAuthnMakeCredentialResult aResult);
    async ConfirmSign(uint64_t aTransactionId, WebAuthnGetAssertionResult aResult);
    async Abort(uint64_t aTransactionId, nsresult Error);