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Bug 1088489 - Implement ruby pseudo box generation. r=bz

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#ifndef js_ProfilingFrameIterator_h
#define js_ProfilingFrameIterator_h

#include "mozilla/Alignment.h"

#include <stdint.h>

#include "js/Utility.h"

class JSAtom;
struct JSRuntime;

namespace js {
    class Activation;
    class AsmJSProfilingFrameIterator;

namespace JS {

// This iterator can be used to walk the stack of a thread suspended at an
// arbitrary pc. To provide acurate results, profiling must have been enabled
// (via EnableRuntimeProfilingStack) before executing the callstack being
// unwound.
class JS_PUBLIC_API(ProfilingFrameIterator)
    js::Activation *activation_;

    static const unsigned StorageSpace = 6 * sizeof(void*);
    mozilla::AlignedStorage<StorageSpace> storage_;
    js::AsmJSProfilingFrameIterator &asmJSIter() {
        return *reinterpret_cast<js::AsmJSProfilingFrameIterator*>(storage_.addr());
    const js::AsmJSProfilingFrameIterator &asmJSIter() const {
        return *reinterpret_cast<const js::AsmJSProfilingFrameIterator*>(storage_.addr());

    void settle();

    struct RegisterState
        RegisterState() : pc(nullptr), sp(nullptr), lr(nullptr) {}
        void *pc;
        void *sp;
        void *lr;

    ProfilingFrameIterator(JSRuntime *rt, const RegisterState &state);
    void operator++();
    bool done() const { return !activation_; }

    // Assuming the stack grows down (we do), the return value:
    //  - always points into the stack
    //  - is weakly monotonically increasing (may be equal for successive frames)
    //  - will compare greater than newer native and psuedo-stack frame addresses
    //    and less than older native and psuedo-stack frame addresses
    void *stackAddress() const;

    // Return a label suitable for regexp-matching as performed by
    // browser/devtools/profiler/cleopatra/js/parserWorker.js
    const char *label() const;

    void iteratorConstruct(const RegisterState &state);
    void iteratorConstruct();
    void iteratorDestroy();
    bool iteratorDone();

} // namespace JS

#endif  /* js_ProfilingFrameIterator_h */