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Bug 651926: abort (even in production) if anything in gfxPlatform::Init fails, its callers can't cope. r=jrmuizel

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#include "nsDOMWorkerNavigator.h"

#include "nsIClassInfoImpl.h"
#include "nsStringGlue.h"

#include "nsDOMThreadService.h"
#include "nsDOMWorkerMacros.h"

#define XPC_MAP_CLASSNAME nsDOMWorkerNavigator
#define XPC_MAP_QUOTED_CLASSNAME "Navigator"

#define XPC_MAP_FLAGS                                      \
  nsIXPCScriptable::USE_JSSTUB_FOR_ADDPROPERTY           | \
  nsIXPCScriptable::USE_JSSTUB_FOR_DELPROPERTY           | \
  nsIXPCScriptable::USE_JSSTUB_FOR_SETPROPERTY           | \
  nsIXPCScriptable::DONT_ENUM_QUERY_INTERFACE            | \
  nsIXPCScriptable::CLASSINFO_INTERFACES_ONLY            | \

#include "xpc_map_end.h"

NS_IMPL_THREADSAFE_ISUPPORTS3(nsDOMWorkerNavigator, nsIWorkerNavigator,

NS_IMPL_CI_INTERFACE_GETTER1(nsDOMWorkerNavigator, nsIWorkerNavigator)


nsDOMWorkerNavigator::GetHelperForLanguage(PRUint32 aLanguage,
                                           nsISupports** _retval)
  if (aLanguage == nsIProgrammingLanguage::JAVASCRIPT) {
    NS_ADDREF(*_retval = NS_ISUPPORTS_CAST(nsIWorkerNavigator*, this));
  else {
    *_retval = nsnull;
  return NS_OK;

nsDOMWorkerNavigator::GetAppName(nsAString& aAppName)
  return NS_OK;

nsDOMWorkerNavigator::GetAppVersion(nsAString& aAppVersion)
  return NS_OK;

nsDOMWorkerNavigator::GetPlatform(nsAString& aPlatform)
  return NS_OK;

nsDOMWorkerNavigator::GetUserAgent(nsAString& aUserAgent)
  return NS_OK;