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bug 393492: move mimeTypes.rdf datasource access code from nsExternalHelperAppService.cpp to nsHandlerService.js, fixing bug 393500 (auto-add preferred handler to possible handlers when retrieving them, since they won't be in there already on legacy datasources) in the process; r=biesi; sr=dmose; a=bsmedberg for 1.9

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#ifndef nsStringBundle_h__
#define nsStringBundle_h__

#include "nsIStringBundle.h"
#include "nsCOMPtr.h"
#include "nsIPersistentProperties2.h"
#include "nsString.h"
#include "nsCOMArray.h"
#include "nsIStringBundleOverride.h"

class nsStringBundle : public nsIStringBundle
    // init version
    nsStringBundle(const char* aURLSpec, nsIStringBundleOverride*);
    nsresult LoadProperties();
    virtual ~nsStringBundle();

    nsCOMPtr<nsIPersistentProperties> mProps;

    // functional decomposition of the funitions repeatively called 
    nsresult GetStringFromID(PRInt32 aID, nsAString& aResult);
    nsresult GetStringFromName(const nsAString& aName, nsAString& aResult);

    nsresult GetCombinedEnumeration(nsIStringBundleOverride* aOverrideString,
                                    nsISimpleEnumerator** aResult);
    nsCString              mPropertiesURL;
    nsCOMPtr<nsIStringBundleOverride> mOverrideStrings;
    PRPackedBool                 mAttemptedLoad;
    PRPackedBool                 mLoaded;
    static nsresult FormatString(const PRUnichar *formatStr,
                                 const PRUnichar **aParams, PRUint32 aLength,
                                 PRUnichar **aResult);

 * An extesible implementation of the StringBudle interface.
 * @created         28/Dec/1999
 * @author  Catalin Rotaru [CATA]
class nsExtensibleStringBundle : public nsIStringBundle

  nsresult Init(const char * aCategory, nsIStringBundleService *);
  nsCOMArray<nsIStringBundle> mBundles;
  PRBool             mLoaded;


  virtual ~nsExtensibleStringBundle();