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Bug 818407, part1 - don't mix up with accessible types of ARIA role, r=tbsaunde

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#include "InterfaceInitFuncs.h"

#include "Accessible-inl.h"
#include "AccessibleWrap.h"
#include "DocAccessible.h"
#include "nsMai.h"
#include "mozilla/Likely.h"

using namespace mozilla::a11y;

static const char* const kDocTypeName = "W3C-doctype";
static const char* const kDocUrlName = "DocURL";
static const char* const kMimeTypeName = "MimeType";

// below functions are vfuncs on an ATK  interface so they need to be C call
extern "C" {

static const gchar* getDocumentLocaleCB(AtkDocument* aDocument);
static AtkAttributeSet* getDocumentAttributesCB(AtkDocument* aDocument);
static const gchar* getDocumentAttributeValueCB(AtkDocument* aDocument,
                                                const gchar* aAttrName);

documentInterfaceInitCB(AtkDocumentIface *aIface)
    NS_ASSERTION(aIface, "Invalid Interface");

     * We don't support get_document or set_attribute right now.
     * get_document_type is deprecated, we return DocType in
     * get_document_attribute_value and get_document_attributes instead.
    aIface->get_document_attributes = getDocumentAttributesCB;
    aIface->get_document_attribute_value = getDocumentAttributeValueCB;
    aIface->get_document_locale = getDocumentLocaleCB;

const gchar *
getDocumentLocaleCB(AtkDocument *aDocument)
  AccessibleWrap* accWrap = GetAccessibleWrap(ATK_OBJECT(aDocument));
  if (!accWrap)
    return nullptr;

  nsAutoString locale;
  return locale.IsEmpty() ? nullptr : AccessibleWrap::ReturnString(locale);

static inline GSList *
prependToList(GSList *aList, const char *const aName, const nsAutoString &aValue)
  if (aValue.IsEmpty())
    return aList;

    // libspi will free these
    AtkAttribute *atkAttr = (AtkAttribute *)g_malloc(sizeof(AtkAttribute));
    atkAttr->name = g_strdup(aName);
    atkAttr->value = g_strdup(NS_ConvertUTF16toUTF8(aValue).get());
    return g_slist_prepend(aList, atkAttr);

AtkAttributeSet *
getDocumentAttributesCB(AtkDocument *aDocument)
  AccessibleWrap* accWrap = GetAccessibleWrap(ATK_OBJECT(aDocument));
  if (!accWrap || !accWrap->IsDoc())
    return nullptr;

  // according to atkobject.h, AtkAttributeSet is a GSList
  GSList* attributes = nullptr;
  DocAccessible* document = accWrap->AsDoc();
  nsAutoString aURL;
  nsresult rv = document->GetURL(aURL);
  if (NS_SUCCEEDED(rv))
    attributes = prependToList(attributes, kDocUrlName, aURL);

  nsAutoString aW3CDocType;
  rv = document->GetDocType(aW3CDocType);
  if (NS_SUCCEEDED(rv))
    attributes = prependToList(attributes, kDocTypeName, aW3CDocType);

  nsAutoString aMimeType;
  rv = document->GetMimeType(aMimeType);
  if (NS_SUCCEEDED(rv))
    attributes = prependToList(attributes, kMimeTypeName, aMimeType);

  return attributes;

const gchar *
getDocumentAttributeValueCB(AtkDocument *aDocument,
                            const gchar *aAttrName)
  AccessibleWrap* accWrap = GetAccessibleWrap(ATK_OBJECT(aDocument));
  if (!accWrap || !accWrap->IsDoc())
    return nullptr;

  DocAccessible* document = accWrap->AsDoc();
  nsresult rv;
  nsAutoString attrValue;
  if (!strcasecmp(aAttrName, kDocTypeName))
    rv = document->GetDocType(attrValue);
  else if (!strcasecmp(aAttrName, kDocUrlName))
    rv = document->GetURL(attrValue);
  else if (!strcasecmp(aAttrName, kMimeTypeName))
    rv = document->GetMimeType(attrValue);
    return nullptr;

  NS_ENSURE_SUCCESS(rv, nullptr);
  return attrValue.IsEmpty() ? nullptr : AccessibleWrap::ReturnString(attrValue);