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Bug 600556 - Support Vista-style PNG ICO files. r=joe

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#ifndef _nsICODecoder_h
#define _nsICODecoder_h

#include "nsAutoPtr.h"
#include "Decoder.h"
#include "imgIDecoderObserver.h"
#include "nsBMPDecoder.h"
#include "nsPNGDecoder.h"

namespace mozilla {
namespace imagelib {


class RasterImage;

struct IconDirEntry
  PRUint8   mWidth;
  PRUint8   mHeight;
  PRUint8   mColorCount;
  PRUint8   mReserved;
  union {
    PRUint16 mPlanes;   // ICO
    PRUint16 mXHotspot; // CUR
  union {
    PRUint16 mBitCount; // ICO
    PRUint16 mYHotspot; // CUR
  PRUint32  mBytesInRes;
  PRUint32  mImageOffset;

class nsICODecoder : public Decoder

  virtual ~nsICODecoder();

  virtual void WriteInternal(const char* aBuffer, PRUint32 aCount);
  virtual void FinishInternal();

  // Processes a single dir entry of the icon resource
  void ProcessDirEntry(IconDirEntry& aTarget);
  // Sets the hotspot property of if we have a cursor
  void SetHotSpotIfCursor();
  // Creates a bitmap file header buffer, returns PR_TRUE if successful
  PRBool FillBitmapFileHeaderBuffer(PRInt8 *bfh);
  // Fixes the height of a BMP information header field
  void FillBitmapInformationBufferHeight(PRInt8 *bih);
  // Extract bit count from BMP information header
  PRInt32 ExtractBPPFromBitmap(PRInt8 *bih);
  // Calculates the row size in bytes for the AND mask table
  PRUint32 CalcAlphaRowSize();
  // Obtains the number of colors from the BPP, mBPP must be filled in
  PRUint16 GetNumColors();

  PRUint16 mBPP; // Stores the images BPP
  PRUint32 mPos; // Keeps track of the position we have decoded up until
  PRUint16 mNumIcons; // Stores the number of icons in the ICO file
  PRUint16 mCurrIcon; // Stores the current dir entry index we are processing
  PRUint32 mImageOffset; // Stores the offset of the image data we want
  PRUint8 *mRow;      // Holds one raw line of the image
  PRInt32 mCurLine;   // Line index of the image that's currently being decoded
  PRUint32 mRowBytes; // How many bytes of the row were already received
  PRInt32 mOldLine;   // Previous index of the line 
  nsAutoPtr<Decoder> mContainedDecoder; // Contains either a BMP or PNG resource

  char mDirEntryArray[ICODIRENTRYSIZE]; // Holds the current dir entry buffer
  IconDirEntry mDirEntry; // Holds a decoded dir entry
  // Holds the potential bytes that can be a PNG signature
  char mSignature[PNGSIGNATURESIZE]; 
  // Holds the potential bytes for a bitmap information header
  char mBIHraw[40];
  // Stores whether or not the icon file we are processing has type 1 (icon)
  PRPackedBool mIsCursor;
  // Stores whether or not the contained resource is a PNG
  PRPackedBool mIsPNG;

} // namespace imagelib
} // namespace mozilla