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/* class that a parent frame uses to reflow a block frame */

#ifndef nsBlockReflowContext_h___
#define nsBlockReflowContext_h___

#include "nsIFrame.h"
#include "mozilla/ReflowOutput.h"

class nsLineBox;
class nsPresContext;
namespace mozilla {
class BlockReflowInput;
}  // namespace mozilla

 * An encapsulation of the state and algorithm for reflowing block frames.
class nsBlockReflowContext {
  using BlockReflowInput = mozilla::BlockReflowInput;
  using ReflowInput = mozilla::ReflowInput;
  using ReflowOutput = mozilla::ReflowOutput;

  nsBlockReflowContext(nsPresContext* aPresContext,
                       const ReflowInput& aParentRI);
  ~nsBlockReflowContext() {}

  void ReflowBlock(const mozilla::LogicalRect& aSpace, bool aApplyBStartMargin,
                   nsCollapsingMargin& aPrevMargin, nscoord aClearance,
                   bool aIsAdjacentWithBStart, nsLineBox* aLine,
                   ReflowInput& aReflowInput, nsReflowStatus& aReflowStatus,
                   BlockReflowInput& aState);

  bool PlaceBlock(const ReflowInput& aReflowInput, bool aForceFit,
                  nsLineBox* aLine,
                  nsCollapsingMargin& aBEndMarginResult /* out */,
                  nsOverflowAreas& aOverflowAreas,
                  const nsReflowStatus& aReflowStatus);

  nsCollapsingMargin& GetCarriedOutBEndMargin() {
    return mMetrics.mCarriedOutBEndMargin;

  const ReflowOutput& GetMetrics() const { return mMetrics; }

   * Computes the collapsed block-start margin (in the context's parent's
   * writing mode) for a block whose reflow state is in aRI.
   * The computed margin is added into aMargin, whose writing mode is the
   * parent's mode as found in mMetrics.GetWritingMode(); note this may not be
   * the block's own writing mode as found in aRI.
   * If aClearanceFrame is null then this is the first optimistic pass which
   * shall assume that no frames have clearance, and we clear the HasClearance
   * on all frames encountered.
   * If non-null, this is the second pass and the caller has decided
   * aClearanceFrame needs clearance (and we will therefore stop collapsing
   * there); also, this function is responsible for marking it with
   * SetHasClearance.
   * If in the optimistic pass any frame is encountered that might possibly
   * need clearance (i.e., if we really needed the optimism assumption) then
   * we set aMayNeedRetry to true.
   * We return true if we changed the clearance state of any line and marked it
   * dirty.
  bool ComputeCollapsedBStartMargin(const ReflowInput& aRI,
                                    nsCollapsingMargin* aMargin,
                                    nsIFrame* aClearanceFrame,
                                    bool* aMayNeedRetry,
                                    bool* aIsEmpty = nullptr);

  nsPresContext* mPresContext;
  const ReflowInput& mOuterReflowInput;

  nsIFrame* mFrame;
  mozilla::LogicalRect mSpace;

  nscoord mICoord, mBCoord;
  nsSize mContainerSize;
  mozilla::WritingMode mWritingMode;
  ReflowOutput mMetrics;
  nsCollapsingMargin mBStartMargin;

#endif /* nsBlockReflowContext_h___ */