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Bug 1462784 - Remove EVENTS category. r=njn Categories are useful to indicate: This much % of time was spent in this category. The EVENTS category isn't a very good match for this. This category is currently only set on labels of functions that handle the processing of an event. But those functions are usually closer to the base of the stack, and the actual CPU work during the processing of an event is usually in another category closer to the top of the stack, e.g. in JS if we're running an event handler, or in LAYOUT if we're hit testing the position of the event. This changeset removes the EVENTS category and replaces all uses of it with the OTHER category. MozReview-Commit-ID: JPm5hQiBkvp

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/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 * file, You can obtain one at */
#ifndef nsPrintJob_h
#define nsPrintJob_h

#include "mozilla/Attributes.h"
#include "mozilla/UniquePtr.h"

#include "nsCOMPtr.h"

#include "nsPrintObject.h"
#include "nsPrintData.h"
#include "nsFrameList.h"
#include "nsIFrame.h"
#include "nsIWebProgress.h"
#include "mozilla/dom/HTMLCanvasElement.h"
#include "nsIWebProgressListener.h"
#include "nsWeakReference.h"

// Interfaces
#include "nsIObserver.h"

// Classes
class nsPagePrintTimer;
class nsIDocShell;
class nsIDocument;
class nsIDocumentViewerPrint;
class nsPrintObject;
class nsIDocShell;
class nsIPageSequenceFrame;

 * A print job may be instantiated either for printing to an actual physical
 * printer, or for creating a print preview.
class nsPrintJob final : public nsIObserver
                       , public nsIWebProgressListener
                       , public nsSupportsWeakReference
  static nsresult GetGlobalPrintSettings(nsIPrintSettings** aPrintSettings);
  static void CloseProgressDialog(nsIWebProgressListener* aWebProgressListener);

  nsPrintJob() = default;

  // nsISupports interface...

  // nsIObserver


  // Old nsIWebBrowserPrint methods; not cleaned up yet
  NS_IMETHOD Print(nsIPrintSettings*       aPrintSettings,
                   nsIWebProgressListener* aWebProgressListener);
  NS_IMETHOD PrintPreview(nsIPrintSettings* aPrintSettings,
                          mozIDOMWindowProxy* aChildDOMWin,
                          nsIWebProgressListener* aWebProgressListener);
  NS_IMETHOD GetIsFramesetDocument(bool *aIsFramesetDocument);
  NS_IMETHOD GetIsIFrameSelected(bool *aIsIFrameSelected);
  NS_IMETHOD GetIsRangeSelection(bool *aIsRangeSelection);
  NS_IMETHOD GetIsFramesetFrameSelected(bool *aIsFramesetFrameSelected);
  NS_IMETHOD GetPrintPreviewNumPages(int32_t *aPrintPreviewNumPages);
  NS_IMETHOD EnumerateDocumentNames(uint32_t* aCount, char16_t*** aResult);
  NS_IMETHOD GetDoingPrint(bool *aDoingPrint);
  NS_IMETHOD GetDoingPrintPreview(bool *aDoingPrintPreview);
  NS_IMETHOD GetCurrentPrintSettings(nsIPrintSettings **aCurrentPrintSettings);

  // This enum tells indicates what the default should be for the title
  // if the title from the document is null
  enum eDocTitleDefault {

  void Destroy();
  void DestroyPrintingData();

  nsresult Initialize(nsIDocumentViewerPrint* aDocViewerPrint,
                      nsIDocShell*            aContainer,
                      nsIDocument*            aDocument,
                      float                   aScreenDPI);

  nsresult GetSeqFrameAndCountPages(nsIFrame*& aSeqFrame, int32_t& aCount);

  // The following three methods are used for printing...
  nsresult DocumentReadyForPrinting();
  nsresult GetSelectionDocument(nsIDeviceContextSpec * aDevSpec,
                                nsIDocument ** aNewDoc);

  nsresult SetupToPrintContent();
  nsresult EnablePOsForPrinting();
  nsPrintObject* FindSmallestSTF();

  bool PrintDocContent(const mozilla::UniquePtr<nsPrintObject>& aPO,
                       nsresult& aStatus);
  nsresult DoPrint(const mozilla::UniquePtr<nsPrintObject>& aPO);

  void SetPrintPO(nsPrintObject* aPO, bool aPrint);

  void TurnScriptingOn(bool aDoTurnOn);
  bool CheckDocumentForPPCaching();
  void InstallPrintPreviewListener();

  // nsIDocumentViewerPrint Printing Methods
  bool     HasPrintCallbackCanvas();
  bool     PrePrintPage();
  bool     PrintPage(nsPrintObject* aPOect, bool& aInRange);
  bool     DonePrintingPages(nsPrintObject* aPO, nsresult aResult);

  void BuildDocTree(nsIDocShell *      aParentNode,
                    nsTArray<nsPrintObject*> * aDocList,
                    const mozilla::UniquePtr<nsPrintObject>& aPO);
  nsresult ReflowDocList(const mozilla::UniquePtr<nsPrintObject>& aPO,
                         bool aSetPixelScale);

  nsresult ReflowPrintObject(const mozilla::UniquePtr<nsPrintObject>& aPO);

  void CheckForChildFrameSets(const mozilla::UniquePtr<nsPrintObject>& aPO);

  void CalcNumPrintablePages(int32_t& aNumPages);
  void ShowPrintProgress(bool aIsForPrinting, bool& aDoNotify);
  nsresult CleanupOnFailure(nsresult aResult, bool aIsPrinting);
  // If FinishPrintPreview() fails, caller may need to reset the state of the
  // object, for example by calling CleanupOnFailure().
  nsresult FinishPrintPreview();
  void SetDocAndURLIntoProgress(const mozilla::UniquePtr<nsPrintObject>& aPO,
                                nsIPrintProgressParams* aParams);
  void EllipseLongString(nsAString& aStr, const uint32_t aLen, bool aDoFront);
  nsresult CheckForPrinters(nsIPrintSettings* aPrintSettings);
  void CleanupDocTitleArray(char16_t**& aArray, int32_t& aCount);

  bool IsThereARangeSelection(nsPIDOMWindowOuter* aDOMWin);

  void FirePrintingErrorEvent(nsresult aPrintError);

  // Timer Methods
  nsresult StartPagePrintTimer(const mozilla::UniquePtr<nsPrintObject>& aPO);

  bool IsWindowsInOurSubTree(nsPIDOMWindowOuter* aDOMWindow);
  bool IsThereAnIFrameSelected(nsIDocShell* aDocShell,
                               nsPIDOMWindowOuter* aDOMWin,
                               bool& aIsParentFrameSet);

  // get the currently infocus frame for the document viewer
  already_AddRefed<nsPIDOMWindowOuter> FindFocusedDOMWindow();

  void GetDisplayTitleAndURL(const mozilla::UniquePtr<nsPrintObject>& aPO,
                             nsAString&       aTitle,
                             nsAString&       aURLStr,
                             eDocTitleDefault aDefType);

  bool     CheckBeforeDestroy();
  nsresult Cancelled();

  nsIPresShell* GetPrintPreviewPresShell() {return mPrtPreview->mPrintObject->mPresShell;}

  float GetPrintPreviewScale() { return mPrtPreview->mPrintObject->
                                        mPresContext->GetPrintPreviewScale(); }

  // These calls also update the DocViewer
  void SetIsPrinting(bool aIsPrinting);
  bool GetIsPrinting()
    return mIsDoingPrinting;
  void SetIsPrintPreview(bool aIsPrintPreview);
  bool GetIsPrintPreview()
    return mIsDoingPrintPreview;
  bool GetIsCreatingPrintPreview()
    return mIsCreatingPrintPreview;

  void SetDisallowSelectionPrint(bool aDisallowSelectionPrint)
    mDisallowSelectionPrint = aDisallowSelectionPrint;

  nsPrintJob& operator=(const nsPrintJob& aOther) = delete;


  nsresult CommonPrint(bool aIsPrintPreview, nsIPrintSettings* aPrintSettings,
                       nsIWebProgressListener* aWebProgressListener,
                       nsIDocument* aDoc);

  nsresult DoCommonPrint(bool aIsPrintPreview, nsIPrintSettings* aPrintSettings,
                         nsIWebProgressListener* aWebProgressListener,
                         nsIDocument* aDoc);

  void FirePrintCompletionEvent();

  void DisconnectPagePrintTimer();

  nsresult AfterNetworkPrint(bool aHandleError);

  nsresult SetRootView(nsPrintObject* aPO,
                       bool& aDoReturn,
                       bool& aDocumentIsTopLevel,
                       nsSize& aAdjSize);
  nsView* GetParentViewForRoot();
  bool DoSetPixelScale();
  void UpdateZoomRatio(nsPrintObject* aPO, bool aSetPixelScale);
  nsresult ReconstructAndReflow(bool aDoSetPixelScale);
  nsresult UpdateSelectionAndShrinkPrintObject(nsPrintObject* aPO,
                                               bool aDocumentIsTopLevel);
  nsresult InitPrintDocConstruction(bool aHandleError);
  void FirePrintPreviewUpdateEvent();

  void PageDone(nsresult aResult);

  nsCOMPtr<nsIDocument> mDocument;
  nsCOMPtr<nsIDocumentViewerPrint> mDocViewerPrint;

  nsWeakPtr mContainer;
  WeakFrame mPageSeqFrame;

  // We are the primary owner of our nsPrintData member vars.  These vars
  // are refcounted so that functions (e.g. nsPrintData methods) can create
  // temporary owning references when they need to fire a callback that
  // could conceivably destroy this nsPrintJob owner object and all its
  // member-data.
  RefPtr<nsPrintData> mPrt;

  // Print Preview
  RefPtr<nsPrintData> mPrtPreview;
  RefPtr<nsPrintData> mOldPrtPreview;

  nsPagePrintTimer* mPagePrintTimer = nullptr;

  float mScreenDPI = 115.0f;
  int32_t mLoadCounter = 0;

  bool mIsCreatingPrintPreview = false;
  bool mIsDoingPrinting = false;
  bool mIsDoingPrintPreview = false;
  bool mProgressDialogIsShown = false;
  bool mDidLoadDataForPrinting = false;
  bool mIsDestroying = false;
  bool mDisallowSelectionPrint = false;

#endif // nsPrintJob_h