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Bug 1416052 - Remove comment filtering; r=nalexander The auto-generated make file that we include (and the `mach environment` output that we included before that) should not contain comment lines. I think it is safe to remove the code that filters them out. It is possible a multi-line value in mozconfigs could contain lines looking like comments and this may cause problems. I'm inclined to believe that this scenario doesn't exist. If someone complains and we need to bring back support, we could certainly do that. MozReview-Commit-ID: 8kKw91HH4ms

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 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
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#ifndef mozilla_dom_cache_CacheOpChild_h
#define mozilla_dom_cache_CacheOpChild_h

#include "mozilla/dom/cache/ActorChild.h"
#include "mozilla/dom/cache/PCacheOpChild.h"
#include "mozilla/dom/cache/TypeUtils.h"
#include "mozilla/RefPtr.h"

class nsIGlobalObject;

namespace mozilla {
namespace dom {

class Promise;

namespace cache {

class CacheOpChild final : public PCacheOpChild
                         , public ActorChild
                         , public TypeUtils
  friend class CacheChild;
  friend class CacheStorageChild;

  // This class must be constructed by CacheChild or CacheStorageChild using
  // their ExecuteOp() factory method.
  CacheOpChild(CacheWorkerHolder* aWorkerHolder, nsIGlobalObject* aGlobal,
               nsISupports* aParent, Promise* aPromise);

  // PCacheOpChild methods
  virtual void
  ActorDestroy(ActorDestroyReason aReason) override;

  virtual mozilla::ipc::IPCResult
  Recv__delete__(const ErrorResult& aRv, const CacheOpResult& aResult) override;

  // ActorChild methods
  virtual void
  StartDestroy() override;

  // TypeUtils methods
  virtual nsIGlobalObject*
  GetGlobalObject() const override;

#ifdef DEBUG
  virtual void
  AssertOwningThread() const override;

  virtual mozilla::ipc::PBackgroundChild*
  GetIPCManager() override;

  // Utility methods
  HandleResponse(const CacheResponseOrVoid& aResponseOrVoid);

  HandleResponseList(const nsTArray<CacheResponse>& aResponseList);

  HandleRequestList(const nsTArray<CacheRequest>& aRequestList);

  nsCOMPtr<nsIGlobalObject> mGlobal;
  // Hold the parent Cache or CacheStorage object alive until this async
  // operation completes.
  nsCOMPtr<nsISupports> mParent;
  RefPtr<Promise> mPromise;


} // namespace cache
} // namespace dom
} // namespace mozilla

#endif // mozilla_dom_cache_CacheOpChild_h