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Bug 564327 - Add Android widgets backend [2/2], patch by vlad, alexp, blassey, and me. r=dougt, sr=roc

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#include "nsIURL.idl"

 * JAR URLs have the following syntax
 * jar:<jar-file-uri>!/<jar-entry>
 * EXAMPLE: jar:!/ocean.html
 * The nsIURL methods operate on the <jar-entry> part of the spec.
[scriptable, uuid(b0922a89-f87b-4cb5-8612-305a285fcca7)]
interface nsIJARURI : nsIURL {

     * Returns the root URI (the one for the actual JAR file) for this JAR
     * (e.g.,
    readonly attribute nsIURI JARFile;

     * Returns the entry specified for this JAR URI (e.g., "ocean.html").  This
     * value may contain %-escaped byte sequences.
    attribute AUTF8String JAREntry;

     * Create a clone of the JAR URI with a new root URI (the URI for the
     * actual JAR file).
    nsIJARURI cloneWithJARFile(in nsIURI jarFile);