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Bug 1502106 - Add a configure option to disable assume_unreachable spew. r=iain

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#ifndef mozilla_dom_workers_scriptloader_h__
#define mozilla_dom_workers_scriptloader_h__

#include "WorkerCommon.h"
#include "nsIContentPolicy.h"
#include "nsStringFwd.h"

class nsIPrincipal;
class nsIURI;
class nsIDocument;
class nsILoadGroup;
class nsIChannel;

namespace mozilla {

class ErrorResult;

namespace dom {

struct WorkerLoadInfo;
class WorkerPrivate;

enum WorkerScriptType {

namespace workerinternals {

ChannelFromScriptURLMainThread(nsIPrincipal* aPrincipal,
                               nsIURI* aBaseURI,
                               nsIDocument* aParentDoc,
                               nsILoadGroup* aLoadGroup,
                               const nsAString& aScriptURL,
                               const Maybe<ClientInfo>& aClientInfo,
                               nsContentPolicyType aContentPolicyType,
                               bool aDefaultURIEncoding,
                               nsIChannel** aChannel);

ChannelFromScriptURLWorkerThread(JSContext* aCx,
                                 WorkerPrivate* aParent,
                                 const nsAString& aScriptURL,
                                 WorkerLoadInfo& aLoadInfo);

void ReportLoadError(ErrorResult& aRv, nsresult aLoadResult,
                     const nsAString& aScriptURL);

void LoadMainScript(WorkerPrivate* aWorkerPrivate,
                    const nsAString& aScriptURL,
                    WorkerScriptType aWorkerScriptType,
                    ErrorResult& aRv);

void Load(WorkerPrivate* aWorkerPrivate,
          const nsTArray<nsString>& aScriptURLs,
          WorkerScriptType aWorkerScriptType,
          ErrorResult& aRv);

} // namespace workerinternals

} // dom namespace
} // namespace mozilla

#endif /* mozilla_dom_workers_scriptloader_h__ */