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#ifndef nsAHttpConnection_h__
#define nsAHttpConnection_h__

#include "nsISupports.h"

class nsAHttpTransaction;
class nsHttpRequestHead;
class nsHttpResponseHead;
class nsHttpConnectionInfo;
class nsHttpConnection;
class nsISocketTransport;
class nsIAsyncInputStream;
class nsIAsyncOutputStream;

// Abstract base class for a HTTP connection

class nsAHttpConnection : public nsISupports
    // NOTE: these methods may only be called on the socket thread.

    // called by a transaction when the response headers have all been read.
    // the connection can force the transaction to reset it's response headers,
    // and prepare for a new set of response headers, by setting |*reset=TRUE|.
    // @return failure code to close the transaction.
    virtual nsresult OnHeadersAvailable(nsAHttpTransaction *,
                                        nsHttpRequestHead *,
                                        nsHttpResponseHead *,
                                        bool *reset) = 0;

    // called by a transaction to resume either sending or receiving data
    // after a transaction returned NS_BASE_STREAM_WOULD_BLOCK from its
    // ReadSegments/WriteSegments methods.
    virtual nsresult ResumeSend() = 0;
    virtual nsresult ResumeRecv() = 0;

    // After a connection has had ResumeSend() called by a transaction,
    // and it is ready to write to the network it may need to know the
    // transaction that has data to write. This is only an issue for
    // multiplexed protocols like SPDY - plain HTTP or pipelined HTTP
    // implicitly have this information in a 1:1 relationship with the
    // transaction(s) they manage.
    virtual void TransactionHasDataToWrite(nsAHttpTransaction *)
        // by default do nothing - only multiplexed protocols need to overload
    // called by the connection manager to close a transaction being processed
    // by this connection.
    // @param transaction
    //        the transaction being closed.
    // @param reason
    //        the reason for closing the transaction.  NS_BASE_STREAM_CLOSED
    //        is equivalent to NS_OK.
    virtual void CloseTransaction(nsAHttpTransaction *transaction,
                                  nsresult reason) = 0;

    // get a reference to the connection's connection info object.
    virtual void GetConnectionInfo(nsHttpConnectionInfo **) = 0;

    // get the transport level information for this connection. This may fail
    // if it is in use.
    virtual nsresult TakeTransport(nsISocketTransport **,
                                   nsIAsyncInputStream **,
                                   nsIAsyncOutputStream **) = 0;

    // called by a transaction to get the security info from the socket.
    virtual void GetSecurityInfo(nsISupports **) = 0;

    // called by a transaction to determine whether or not the connection is
    // persistent... important in determining the end of a response.
    virtual bool IsPersistent() = 0;

    // called to determine if a connection has been reused.
    virtual bool IsReused() = 0;
    // called by a transaction when the transaction reads more from the socket
    // than it should have (eg. containing part of the next pipelined response).
    virtual nsresult PushBack(const char *data, PRUint32 length) = 0;

    // Used to determine if the connection wants read events even though
    // it has not written out a transaction. Used when a connection has issued
    // a preamble such as a proxy ssl CONNECT sequence.
    virtual bool IsProxyConnectInProgress() = 0;

    // Used by a transaction to manage the state of previous response bodies on
    // the same connection and work around buggy servers.
    virtual bool LastTransactionExpectedNoContent() = 0;
    virtual void   SetLastTransactionExpectedNoContent(bool) = 0;

    // Transfer the base http connection object along with a
    // reference to it to the caller.
    virtual nsHttpConnection *TakeHttpConnection() = 0;

    // Get the nsISocketTransport used by the connection without changing
    //  references or ownership.
    virtual nsISocketTransport *Transport() = 0;

    nsresult OnHeadersAvailable(nsAHttpTransaction *, nsHttpRequestHead *, nsHttpResponseHead *, bool *reset); \
    nsresult ResumeSend(); \
    nsresult ResumeRecv(); \
    void CloseTransaction(nsAHttpTransaction *, nsresult); \
    void GetConnectionInfo(nsHttpConnectionInfo **); \
    nsresult TakeTransport(nsISocketTransport **,    \
                           nsIAsyncInputStream **,   \
                           nsIAsyncOutputStream **); \
    void GetSecurityInfo(nsISupports **); \
    bool IsPersistent(); \
    bool IsReused(); \
    nsresult PushBack(const char *, PRUint32); \
    bool IsProxyConnectInProgress(); \
    bool LastTransactionExpectedNoContent(); \
    void   SetLastTransactionExpectedNoContent(bool); \
    nsHttpConnection *TakeHttpConnection(); \
    nsISocketTransport *Transport();

#endif // nsAHttpConnection_h__