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Bug 534136 Part 3: Optimize atom-using code for the fact that atoms store 16bit strings. Also take advantage of new nsAtomString API. r=bz

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 * Class that represents a prefix/namespace/localName triple; a single
 * nodeinfo is shared by all elements in a document that have that
 * prefix, namespace, and localName.

#ifndef nsNodeInfo_h___
#define nsNodeInfo_h___

#include "nsINodeInfo.h"
#include "nsNodeInfoManager.h"
#include "plhash.h"
#include "nsIAtom.h"
#include "nsCOMPtr.h"

class nsFixedSizeAllocator;

class nsNodeInfo : public nsINodeInfo

  // nsINodeInfo
  virtual void GetQualifiedName(nsAString &aQualifiedName) const;
  virtual void GetLocalName(nsAString& aLocalName) const;
  virtual nsresult GetNamespaceURI(nsAString& aNameSpaceURI) const;
  virtual PRBool Equals(const nsAString& aName) const;
  virtual PRBool Equals(const nsAString& aName,
                        const nsAString& aPrefix) const;
  virtual PRBool Equals(const nsAString& aName, PRInt32 aNamespaceID) const;
  virtual PRBool Equals(const nsAString& aName, const nsAString& aPrefix,
                        PRInt32 aNamespaceID) const;
  virtual PRBool NamespaceEquals(const nsAString& aNamespaceURI) const;
  virtual PRBool
    QualifiedNameEqualsInternal(const nsAString& aQualifiedName) const;

  // nsNodeInfo
  // Create objects with Create
  static nsNodeInfo *Create();
  virtual ~nsNodeInfo();

   * Note! Init() must be called exactly once on every nsNodeInfo before
   * the object is used, if Init() returns an error code the nsNodeInfo
   * should not be used.
   * aName and aOwnerManager may not be null.
  nsresult Init(nsIAtom *aName, nsIAtom *aPrefix, PRInt32 aNamespaceID,
                nsNodeInfoManager *aOwnerManager);

   * Call before shutdown to clear the cache and free memory for this class.
  static void ClearCache();

  static nsFixedSizeAllocator* sNodeInfoPool;

   * This method gets called by Release() when it's time to delete 
   * this object, instead of always deleting the object we'll put the
   * object in the cache unless the cache is already full.
   void LastRelease();

#endif /* nsNodeInfo_h___ */