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Bug 395407 - Symbol upload and unpack can conflict if builds have the same buildid. Actually make the previously approved patch work. r=luser.

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIDOMKeyEvent;

[scriptable, uuid(1480e196-0d5c-40cf-8563-ed8a33eabcf2)]
interface nsIPlaintextEditor : nsISupports

  // XXX Why aren't these in nsIEditor?
  const long eEditorPlaintextMask       = 0x0001; /* only plain text entry is allowed via events */
  const long eEditorSingleLineMask      = 0x0002; /* enter key and CR-LF handled specially */
  const long eEditorPasswordMask        = 0x0004; /* text is not entered into content, only a representative character */
  const long eEditorReadonlyMask        = 0x0008; /* editing events are disabled.  Editor may still accept focus. */
  const long eEditorDisabledMask        = 0x0010; /* all events are disabled (like scrolling).  Editor will not accept focus. */
  const long eEditorFilterInputMask     = 0x0020; /* text input is limited to certain character types, use mFilter */
  const long eEditorMailMask            = 0x0040; /* use mail-compose editing rules */
  const long eEditorUseAsyncUpdatesMask = 0x0080; /* prevent immediate reflows and view refreshes */
  const long eEditorEnableWrapHackMask  = 0x0100; /* allow the editor to set font: monospace on the root node */
  const long eEditorWidgetMask          = 0x0200; /* bit for widgets */
  const long eEditorNoCSSMask           = 0x0400; /* this HTML editor should not create css styles */
  const long eEditorAllowInteraction    = 0x0800; /*  */

   * The valid values for newlines handling.
   * Can't change the values unless we remove
   * use of the pref.
  const long eNewlinesPasteIntact                = 0;
  const long eNewlinesPasteToFirst               = 1;
  const long eNewlinesReplaceWithSpaces          = 2;
  const long eNewlinesStrip                      = 3;
  const long eNewlinesReplaceWithCommas          = 4;
  const long eNewlinesStripSurroundingWhitespace = 5;

    * The length of the contents in characters.
    * XXX change this type to 'unsigned long'
  readonly attribute long textLength;

    * The maximum number of characters allowed.
    *   default: -1 (unlimited).
  attribute long maxTextLength;

  /** Get and set the body wrap width.
    * Special values:
    *    0 = wrap to window width
    *   -1 = no wrap at all
  attribute long wrapWidth;

   * Similar to the setter for wrapWidth, but just sets the editor
   * internal state without actually changing the content being edited
   * to wrap at that column.  This should only be used by callers who
   * are sure that their content is already set up correctly.
  void setWrapColumn(in long aWrapColumn);

  /** Get and set newline handling.
   *  Values are the constants defined above.
  attribute long newlineHandling;

   * EditorKeyPress consumes a keyevent.
   * @param aKeyEvent    key event to consume
  void handleKeyPress(in nsIDOMKeyEvent aKeyEvent);

   * Inserts a string at the current location,
   * given by the selection.
   * If the selection is not collapsed, the selection is deleted
   * and the insertion takes place at the resulting collapsed selection.
   * @param aString   the string to be inserted
   void insertText(in DOMString aStringToInsert);
   * Insert a line break into the content model.
   * The interpretation of a break is up to the implementation:
   * it may enter a character, split a node in the tree, etc.
   * This may be more efficient than calling InsertText with a newline.
  void insertLineBreak();