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Bug 1369255 - Part 1: Add a prompt in the stub installer for running profile cleanup. r=rstrong MozReview-Commit-ID: CLeVEAQe5qr

#filter substitution
# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at

# Defining FunnelcakeVersion will append the value of StubURLVersionAppend to
# StubURLVersion, append the value of URLManualDownloadAppend to
# URLManualDownload, and append the value of URLStubDownloadAppend to
# URLStubDownload. The value of FunnelcakeVersion should not be defined when it
# is not used and when it is defined its value should never be empty.
# !define FunnelcakeVersion        "999"

!ifdef FunnelcakeVersion
!define URLManualDownloadAppend  "&f=${FunnelcakeVersion}"
!define URLStubDownloadAppend    "-f${FunnelcakeVersion}"
!define StubURLVersionAppend     "-${FunnelcakeVersion}"
!define URLManualDownloadAppend  ""
!define URLStubDownloadAppend    ""
!define StubURLVersionAppend     ""

# These defines should match application.ini settings
!define AppName               "Firefox"
!define AppVersion            "@APP_VERSION@"
!define GREVersion            @MOZILLA_VERSION@
!define AB_CD                 "@AB_CD@"

!define FileMainEXE           "@MOZ_APP_NAME@.exe"
!define WindowClass           "FirefoxMessageWindow"
!define DDEApplication        "Firefox"
!define AppRegName            "Firefox"

!define BrandShortName        "@MOZ_APP_DISPLAYNAME@"
!define BrandFullName         "${BrandFullNameInternal}"

!define CERTIFICATE_NAME            "Mozilla Corporation"
!define CERTIFICATE_ISSUER          "DigiCert SHA2 Assured ID Code Signing CA"
; Changing the name or issuer requires us to have both the old and the new
;  in the registry at the same time, temporarily.
!define CERTIFICATE_NAME_PREVIOUS   "Mozilla Corporation"
!define CERTIFICATE_ISSUER_PREVIOUS "DigiCert Assured ID Code Signing CA-1"

# LSP_CATEGORIES is the permitted LSP categories for the application. Each LSP
# category value is ANDed together to set multiple permitted categories.
# See
# The value below removes all LSP categories previously set.
!define LSP_CATEGORIES "0x00000000"

!if "@MOZ_UPDATE_CHANNEL@" == ""
!define UpdateChannel "Unknown"
!define UpdateChannel "@MOZ_UPDATE_CHANNEL@"

# AccessibleHandler.dll uses a different CLSID depending on release channel.
# These defines must match HANDLER_CLSID defined in
# accessible/ipc/win/handler/HandlerData.idl

!if "@MOZ_UPDATE_CHANNEL@" == "default"
#ifdef DEBUG
!define AccessibleHandlerCLSID "{398FFD8D-5382-48F7-9E3B-19012762D39A}"
!define AccessibleHandlerCLSID "{CE573FAF-7815-4FC2-A031-B092268ACE9E}"
!else if "@MOZ_UPDATE_CHANNEL@" == "nightly"
!define AccessibleHandlerCLSID "{4629216B-8753-41BF-9527-5BFF51401671}"
!else if "@MOZ_UPDATE_CHANNEL@" == "beta"
!define AccessibleHandlerCLSID "{21E9F98D-A6C9-4CB5-B288-AE2FD2A96C58}"
!else if "@MOZ_UPDATE_CHANNEL@" == "release"
!define AccessibleHandlerCLSID "{1BAA303D-B4B9-45E5-9CCB-E3FCA3E274B6}"
!define AccessibleHandlerCLSID "{4A195748-DCA2-45FB-9295-0A139E76A9E7}"

# Due to official and beta using the same branding this is needed to
# differentiante between the url used by the stub for downloading.
!if "@MOZ_UPDATE_CHANNEL@" == "beta"

!define BaseURLStubPing ""

# ARCH is used when it is necessary to differentiate the x64 registry keys from
# the x86 registry keys (e.g. the uninstall registry key).
!define HAVE_64BIT_BUILD
!define ARCH "x64"
!define MinSupportedVer "Microsoft Windows 7 x64"
!define MinSupportedVer "Microsoft Windows 7"
!define ARCH "x86"

!define MinSupportedCPU "SSE2"


# File details shared by both the installer and uninstaller
VIProductVersion ""
VIAddVersionKey "ProductName"     "${BrandShortName}"
VIAddVersionKey "CompanyName"     "${CompanyName}"
VIAddVersionKey "LegalTrademarks" "${BrandShortName} is a Trademark of The Mozilla Foundation."
VIAddVersionKey "LegalCopyright"  "${CompanyName}"
VIAddVersionKey "FileVersion"     "${AppVersion}"
VIAddVersionKey "ProductVersion"  "${AppVersion}"
# Comments is not used but left below commented out for future reference
# VIAddVersionKey "Comments"        "Comments"

# It isn't possible to get the size of the installation prior to downloading
# so the stub installer uses an estimate. The size is derived from the size of
# the complete installer, the size of the extracted complete installer, and at
# least 15 MB additional for working room.

# Control positions in Dialog Units so they are placed correctly with
# non-default DPI settings
!define PROGRESS_BAR_TOP_DU 112u
!define APPNAME_BMP_TOP_DU 12u